Professional Chef: Knife Set Inclusions

Professional chef knives can be confusing due to the large number of them available in the market. Irrespective of their size, your priority should be on how sharp the blade is and what your purpose is. Each chef has a favorite knife, just like a carpenter’s hammer. But if you’re getting serious about cooking and looking forward to spending some time in your kitchen, then it’s advisable to invest in a knife set. Check our list below to know what inclusions of the knife set must have.


As a professional chef, you need to have the right tools for the job. Having a complete set of knives will help you get through your daily tasks more efficiently and safely. You can even find some knife sets that come with steak knives and bread knives as well, so you have every knife you need in one place!

professional chef knives
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🟥 Chef’s Knife

It’s the most common knife in a kitchen, used for chopping, mincing, and slicing. Chef’s knives are long, broad-bladed knives used to cut through bone. They’re also ideal for cutting meat and fish as well as vegetables.

🟥 Paring Knife

The paring knife is the smallest of the knives we’ll discuss. It peels and cuts small fruits and vegetables, like apples or potatoes. It also has a variety of other uses, including trimming and cleaning up food as well as cutting small pieces of food (such as tomato slices). You can use it to remove seeds from fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers or bell peppers. It’s also helpful in creating smaller cuts when preparing meat or poultry.

🟥 Serrated Knife

Serrated knives are used for cutting bread, cakes, and other foods with a crust or rind. They’re also used for cutting tomatoes, bread, and soft foods. These knives are also called bread knives and tomato knives.

🟥 Hollow Edge Knife

A hollow edge knife is a must-have in every professional chef’s kitchen. They are popular by many names: offset, straight-edge, and French knives. These knives have a curved blade that allows you to slice soft foods such as tomatoes, fruit, and vegetables without crushing them.

You can use a hollow edge knife for all types of chopping tasks in your kitchen. They’re great for mincing herbs or soft foods with an even application of pressure for consistent cuts every time. If you watch any cooking shows and competitions on television, you’ve probably seen this type of knife used by professional chefs!

🟥 Bird’s Beak Paring Knife

A paring knife is a cute little knife with a pointed tip and curved blade that is used for peeling and trimming vegetables, fruits, and other foods. A bird’s beak paring knife has the same characteristics as a regular paring knife. But this knife has an extra curve in the blade to give it more flexibility for removing cores and cutting around pits or seeds. The bird’s beak shape helps you use less force when cutting delicate foods like apples or pears, so you don’t damage their skins.

You can use this type of knife for peeling citrus fruit like oranges or lemons, coring strawberries, trimming mushrooms, removing broccoli florets from their stems, and making decorative cuts on cabbages (to make cabbage roses).

🟥 Steak Knife Set

Steak knives should be sharp. You don’t want to cut yourself when you’re cooking up a delicious meal for your guests. So, your steak knives must be sharp enough to slice through any steak you might prepare easily.

Steak knives should be comfortable to hold. If you have long fingernails or are simply having trouble gripping the handle of your knife, then it may be worth spending dollars on a set with more ergonomic handles that fit comfortably in your hand. This can make all the contrast when preparing food in the kitchen, as well as keeping yourself safe from injury during use!

Steak knives should also be easy to clean and sanitize after every use (or at least every few uses). It’s important that these utensils are kept clean between uses so that bacteria don’t grow inside them over time. And if they’re too big or bulky for cleaning immediately after use, then there could be some issues down the line! Make sure they’re easy enough so anyone can do it without any fuss at all!

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🟥 Bread Knife

The bread knife is a serrated knife. It’s used to cut through crusty bread and also the soft inner part of the bread. Serrated knives are basically mini saws with jagged teeth that can easily tear into tough foods like hard crusts or soft centers. You’ll want to use a serrated knife when you’re cutting through something like bagels or loaves of crusty artisanal sourdough. Anything with a lot of texture will benefit from this type of blade!


If you are a professional chef, then these tools must be in your kitchen aside from knives. These tools will make your food taste better and look better too!

🟥 Mandoline

A mandoline is a specialty tool used to make food look fancy. It has a long, flat surface with adjustable blades that allow you to slice, dice, or julienne various foods.

🟥 Cheese grater

A cheese grater is a significant kitchen tool that has many uses. It’s a great tool for grating hard cheese, soft cheese, and even parmesan cheese. If you’re looking for something to grate cheddar cheese, this might be the tool for you!

🟥 Meat thermometer

Do you know what’s the worst? When you make something that you think will be delicious, it turns out not so tasty. It can be unpleasant, especially when all your guests are coming over and you’re trying to impress them with your cooking skills. The best way to ensure that you meet your efforts in the kitchen with rave reviews is by using a meat thermometer.

The most common meat thermometer type is an analog meat thermometer. These devices use mercury or alcohol-based liquid to measure temperature changes in food, which means they need to be re-calibrated typically every three months. They’re also very easy for users because all they have to do is place the probe into whatever it is they’re cooking until it reaches its temperature goal, and voila! You’ve got yourself a perfectly cooked meal that won’t give anyone food poisoning.

🟥 Blender

A blender is a kitchen appliance that uses a rotating blade at high speed to reduce food items into smaller pieces. You can also use it to whip ingredients until they reach their desired consistency. There are two main types of blenders: the immersion blender, which comes with a shaft and a motor base, and the traditional multi-purpose or stand mixer variety, which offers more versatility and control over the texture.

>>Immersion blenders

Immersion blenders are convenient because they don’t require any additional attachments to perform their main functions. However, they’re not as powerful as other models on the market (so if you want to pulverize whole nuts or ice cubes, you’ll need another tool).

>>Traditional blenders

Traditional mixers offer more versatility but can be cumbersome for cleaning compared with immersion systems. They also take up space in your kitchen drawer or cabinet when not in use, an issue if countertop space is limited!

It would help if you thought of using one when preparing soup stocks from scratch, smoothies made with fresh fruit rather than ice cream (which doesn’t blend well), and sauces such as mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce where thorough blending is essential for proper emulsification. Or any time you have an ingredient that needs mixing together without being completely broken down into its individual components first!

🟥 Slow cooker

A slow cooker is a small pot with a heating element that’s designed to cook food slowly. It’s usually made from ceramic, but it can also be made from stainless steel or aluminum.

Slow cookers are easy to use; just add your ingredients, turn on the heat and leave for several hours. You don’t need to be distressed about monitoring the progress of your meal because the lid will lock in all of those wonderful flavors! If you’re intending on operating your slow cooker for soups or stews, then make sure that you occasionally stir so that everything cooks evenly throughout the entire meal. If you’re cooking chicken breasts or any other piece of meat, don’t forget to set a timer, so they don’t overcook!

🟥 Microplane grater

The Microplane grater is really a great tool to have in your kitchen. You can grate cheese, ginger, chocolate, nutmeg, and garlic on it. It also works well for vegetables like lemon zest, carrots, and onions. The best part about this tool is its small and portable size. You can take it with you wherever and whenever you go!


The power of craftsmanship is something to respect and enjoy, and even a kitchen novice can appreciate the highest quality work that goes into each knife. While they are pricey in some cases, with proper care, one should last you a lifetime, giving you years upon years of great meals to look back on. Becoming a professional chef is challenging, but practicing your knife skills can help you reach this goal the soonest. So, invest in high-quality knives and feel the energy of the craftsmanship in every cut.

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