Best Steak Knives Made In USA

Looking for a useful blade that can cut through that firm yet delectable chunk of meat on your plate? As absurd as that sounds out of context, steak knives had been a staple of utensils for those currently living in the United States. This is because of steak’s abundance and popularity among the citizens. Thanks to this popular best dish, a whole industry of utensils are now open with a plenitude of steak knives with different sizes, shapes, and of course, qualities and notable features.

Though it may look overwhelming to decide what steak knife you should get, given how accessible shopping has become thanks to the internet, guides like this one exist on the same platform. This article will present you with a list of the best steak knives made in the United States, where they can be found in many restaurants. But first, you need to become acquainted with the different steak knives you can choose from with varying attributes.


Because of their varying qualities, the types of steak knives have four categories based on a specific feature:

steak knives

🟩 Based on the blade edge


Straight-edge knives are essentially the standard ones in most stores selling utensils. As their name suggests, they are pretty “straightforward” in that they would be the first thing you can imagine if you think of the word “knife.” Their blade’s edge is straight and sharp. They are optimal for general uses but somewhat outclassed regarding their effectiveness in steak. Despite being a common and still very viable choice, most people would prefer the other type of blade edge, which is the serrated type.


Serrated knives result from taking the idea of a saw’s teeth and forging it into a utensil. With that description, you can imagine them as straight-edge knives with a row of teeth-like edges designed solely for cutting.

These knives are more recommended for more firm and durable steaks since their serrated edge can cut through them effectively. However, one notable disadvantage of serrated knives is that they are not optimal for softer materials as their rigid teeth can entrap the meat instead. Straight-edge knives are much more comfortable and convenient for softer steaks.

Should you get both knives?

It is advisable that you get a serrated knife over a straight-edge knife. Since you can still cut softer meat with the serrated knife (albeit with less precision), they are more versatile by slicing through more durable meat. Besides this versatility, other utensils such as certain types of forks can assist the serrated knife with softer meat. Which negates the need for a straight-edge knife. 

>>An Unusual Choice: Hollow edge

Hollow edge knives are utilized for clean and organized cuts that are usually less accurate than using a straight-edge or serrated steak knife. However, they come with the slight inconvenience of being longer and narrower (which also makes them less durable) than the other two knives. If you are accustomed to using the other more common blade edges, you may find the hollow edge steak knife more difficult. It is also not preferable for denser and thicker steaks. Unless you want to take more time trying to cut a piece of meat as opposed to using the appropriate type of knife,

🟩 Based on hand orientation

>>Ambidextrous/ Left-handed

Ambidextrous steak knives are specifically designed for the usage of both right-handed and left-handed individuals. Though they are less common than the standard right-handed knives (since most of the population is right-handed), they are still pretty useful and inclusive for people who are left-handed when it comes to using knives. The only disadvantage these knives have is that they are much less common and harder to find than the standard hand orientation.


The more commonly used hand orientation is your go-to choice unless you are ambidextrous or left-handed. However, you may still want to keep even a cheap set of standard knives for visitors or guests with whom you may have a meal since they are most likely righty. You can choose between the two since most knives are symmetrical. Though it can feel awkward when it comes to lefty knives since they have different designs. The safest choice if you have a left-handed guest is to get the standard knife. This is because they most likely used it as they are more common in restaurants and steakhouses. 

🟩 Based on material

>>Carbon steel 

Made from one of the traditional materials from which a knife’s blade is created, carbon steels are reliable. But, they are also pretty outdated compared with the more modern stainless steel. Carbon steel knives are typically more durable and sturdy, cutting through hard materials more efficiently. And this may sound appealing until you consider their big downside. These knives could have quickly taken the rank of being one of the best materials for a knife. But what brings them down is their vulnerability to rusting. Since carbon steel can rust over time due to corrosion and exposure to moisture, taking care of them can be much more tedious than a stainless steel knife.

>>Stainless steel 

The more modern and widely-used choice has the outstanding advantage of invulnerability to corrosion and rusting. As the name suggests, stainless steel knives are your best choice if you want something that will withstand the effects of time and a knife that can be washed constantly without the fear of rusting. However, they are less durable than carbon steel since their material is not as durable. Despite its less durable aspects, it is still the more recommended choice because of the convenience and longevity it can bring.

🟩 Based on the cleaning procedure

>>Non-dishwasher safe 

These are types of knives that are not suitable for being cleaned via a dishwasher. Typically, these knives would require more work to clean. This is because you cannot just put them in an automated washer that can do it for you. Unless you want a dull knife slowly losing its sharpness every time you eat steak, non-dishwasher-safe knives should be washed manually and carefully. The methods and precautions for cleaning this type of steak knife will be explored in a later section.

>>Dishwasher safe 

Dishwasher-safe knives are typically more preferred because of their convenience and ease of cleaning. These knives allow you to clean them using a dishwasher with little to no damage on their blade. And this saves you some time and energy. Does this affect their durability? Not exactly. But unless you are the type to use absurd amounts of dishwashing liquid into the dishwasher, these knives will usually stand the test of time. However, you must know the precautions you need to take to ensure the longevity of these steak knives.

This leads us to the best steak knives, which are all exclusively made in the United States.

HOME HERO 8-piece set Check Price
FOXEL VG10 Serrated Check Price
REGALIA Emperor Series Check Price
LAMSON 4-piece set Check Price
RADA Stainless Set Check Price
OUR BEST CHOICE - Home Hero 8-piece Set

Product Name: Home Hero 8-piece Set

Product Description: Not only are these steak knives appropriate for slicing that big chunk of steak on your plate, but they are accustomed to the preparation process as well. Home Hero's set of high-quality steak knives offers a variety of designs and accessories that are not only visually appealing but practical to use as well. Since stainless knives are immune to the impending dangers of rusting and corrosion that other knives can fall victim to after a single wash, these steak knives are also dishwasher safe, so you can leave the cleaning to your machine instead of manually cleaning the set. Overall, one of the best and most trustworthy choices available if you are looking for a steak knife that excels both in visual appeal, effectivity, and convenience brought by its ease of cleaning and usage.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Price
  • Effectivity and Convenience


These steak knives from Home Hero are a must-have in every kitchen. You can choose from 7, 8, or 17-piece sets with black and silver color availability. Every handle is made from Polypropylene for a better grip while slicing and cutting your tender steak. These knives are very sturdy, so they can also serve as a great gift for your friend who likes to have a steak party!


  • Dishwasher safe and convenient to clean.
  • Comes with a wide selection of styles and extra accessories.
  • Offers sturdy, serrated knives that can cut through steak with ease.
  • The knives are stainless, which provides longevity that outperforms most standard options.
  • Appropriate for gifting purposes because of its styled casing and matching accessories. 


  • It can be quite pricey (only if bought with additional accessories).
  • The accessories that come with the steak knives have lesser quality as opposed to buying them separately from other brands.


FOXEL VG10 Serrated

Photo credits: Foxel

From its meticulously serrated blade to its easy-to-use handle, a well-designed knife seems as if it is forged for tight handling. Foxel’s creation is not only locked in the duty of cutting steaks, but its blade allows it to cut other ingredients such as fowl and vegetables. Your purchase comes with a return policy that lasts for one year. This allows you to return it to Foxel if you are left unsatisfied.

The generous company also offers a lifetime warranty for their products. This covers common scenarios that lead to breakage, such as accidentally dropping the knife. Though it may be expensive at first glance, it is a worthy purchase because of its utility, convenience, and warranty.

  • Provides a well-serrated blade that can easily slice through a harder steak.
  • Very easy and convenient to use because of its shaped handle.
  • Versatile in terms of usage; available for other uses besides slicing steak.
  • Comes with a warranty that can cover incidents such as breakage or rust.
  • Has a return policy that lasts for exactly one year (or 365 days).
  • Its shape and handle allow for ease of use for left-handed individuals.
  • Consists of rust-resistant carbon steel, which still has a chance to corrode.
  • It is placed on the more expensive side but is mostly worth the price due to the privileges that come with it.
  • These knives are not dishwasher safe; since they are made of carbon steel, you will have to manually clean them.

REGALIA Emperor Series

Stationed in New York, Regalia uses forging techniques from Japan, the same country where bladesmithing was most prevalent. As such, their blades are reminiscent of the same swords they used in Japan back then, which goes to show how sharp their steak knives are. However, the knives also contain elements of the American dining aesthetic with how their handle somewhat matches other common utensils. Though an expensive choice for a steak knife, they offer cleaning and maintenance services and teach you the proper methods to take care of your steak knife.

  • Utilizes traditional blade-forging techniques from Japan and brings the aesthetic of American dining into its design which promotes both durability and visual familiarity.
  • Has an extremely sharp straight-edged blade that can easily slice through the dense steak.
  • The fiberglass handle allows for ease of handling and usage.
  • It comes with free sharpening and replacement in the event it is broken or corroded.
  • An outstanding choice for those who are invested in learning more about knives and how they are properly maintained.
  • An expensive choice with a purchase value depends on whether the user can clean and use the steak knife appropriately.
  • Consists of high carbon steel, which is still prone to rust if not maintained and stored properly.
  • It is not dishwasher safe, which requires you to manually clean it.

LAMSON 4-piece Set

An eye-catching design with outstanding durability. Limson Fire Steak Knives are handcrafted in the USA and are very reliable for aesthetic purposes and their intended use. These knives are created from high-quality stainless steel and other reinforcing materials. These allow them to become a durable and long-term choice despite their noticeably higher price. The convenient rivets on their handles allow you to handle these knives with ease and balance. Preventing damaging accidents such as dropping them from a high place. Overall, a solid choice for a steak knife if you are looking for both visual appeal and longevity.

  • One of the most aesthetically pleasing steak knives on our list.
  • Comes in either serrated or straight-edge for its selections.
  • Consists of very durable stainless steel, which makes it invulnerable to corrosion.
  • Has rivets that allow for ease of use and handling.
  • More expensive than the average price of a steak knife.
  • Manual cleaning is highly encouraged.

RADA Stainless Set

Rada Cutlery’s steak knives are easily the first things you would imagine in a luxurious restaurant setting. These American-made knives swear to provide the quality that coincides with their price. Simple yet easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, these knives are perfect for those who want to invite the feel of a restaurant into their own homes. Thanks to the stainless steel and aluminum consisting of the knives’ blade and handle, users will not have to worry about rusting. An excellent all-around choice if you want something simple yet durable for all your steak-slicing needs.

  • Consists of long yet sharp blades that are easy to utilize.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing because of its simple design, reminiscent of steak knives commonly found in luxurious restaurants.
  • Easy to handle because of their aluminum handles and lighter weight.
  • Comes with a return policy for any defects upon purchase.
  • Composed of stainless steel, which makes it invulnerable to rusting.
  • Their symmetrical shape allows for ease of use for left-handed individuals.
  • It can only be washed manually and is not appropriate for the dishwasher.
  • Lighter and a bit smaller than the other options, which some may find inconvenient.
  • Can be less durable in some circumstances due to their lighter weight and material.


(Common Questions When Choosing The Best Knife)

Using the inappropriate steak knife on the wrong type of steak or during the wrong situations can easily lead to lower quality of use and satisfaction. Steak knives are universally serviceable. But if you want to make the most of the money you spend on them, you will have to choose wisely even before you purchase them. If you want to make your steak knife more than just another utensil around your kitchen, you should choose the appropriate steak knife, depending on the current situation. 

Though these knives are versatile, convenient, and worth their price, using the appropriate steak knife for certain occasions is also a factor to consider. Not only will this depend on what kind of steak you usually eat, but it also depends on how frequently you will use it. It will also depend on how much you are willing to spend or if you are willing to clean them manually. The last thing to consider is if they will be primarily used for guests only. With these common scenarios in mind, let us gloss over each. 

steak knives

🟩 What kind of steak do you usually eat?

If you tend to eat harder steaks, such as the round steak (which consists mostly of muscle), you will have to resort to serrated steak knives. This can cut through it faster than a straight-edge knife. However, another factor to consider is the material of your steak knife. Since carbon steel is stronger and tends to be sharper than stainless steel, you should choose a steak knife with a carbon steel blade.

If you are the type to eat steak casually without much thought to what part you want, then you are most likely getting the softer parts. Tenderloin steak is the most common type out there and is also the softest, making it easier to cut. If this is the case, getting straight-edge steak knives that are stainless is an excellent choice. This is especially because these knives are best used for softer materials.

🟩 Are you willing to clean the steak knife manually?

Is the dishwasher your best friend when it comes to cleaning dishes? If you are unwilling to wash your steak knives, you should get one that is both stainless and dishwasher safe. This is to prevent corrosion and damage. However, these knives are less durable because metal is not meant to be mixed with dishwashing liquid. This means they consist of other reinforced materials.

However, if you want the satisfaction of delicately washing a weapon-like utensil as if you had been brought in medieval times, then go for knives that are not dishwasher safe. If they are stainless, you will not need to do thorough maintenance after they are washed, unlike carbon steel knives. The latter requires cloth drying and proper seething afterward to prevent rusting. This obligates you to buy a casing for your knives if you do not already have one.

>>Safest option

Regardless, cleaning your steak knife using the dishwasher every time you use it is not recommended, as it can affect its longevity. Though dishwasher knives can handle the dishwasher, the safest option to ensure their durability is just to wash them manually. Your choice should highly depend on whether you are willing to wash it every time or let the dishwasher do it for you from time to time. Granted, you are aiming for the knife’s lifespan to extend.

🟩 How much is your budget for buying a steak knife?

Among the choices we have listed above, some choices are much cheaper than the others. If you want a cheaper steak knife, you can opt for the first option (without its accessories) and the last option. This is the most budget-friendly while still retaining its use and quality. However, if you choose either the Regalia or Foxel steak knives (which are more expensive), you will have access to services that can help with the longevity of your steak knife. These services and privileges from the two brands are worth the price. Considering that you can ensure that you can have methods of prolonging your time with a visually stunning steak knife.

If the visual value does not appeal to you, choosing the first and last option is best. They are simply designed and have some form of utility through their accessories and symmetrical handle. They can be chosen over the aesthetic appeal that the other knives also bring to your table.

🟩 How frequently will you use them, and will they be exclusive to guests only?

Constant usage will, of course, wear down your steak knife’s durability over time. In situations where you will constantly use them, stainless steel knives are more recommended because they resist corrosion and rust. Though their blades will become dull over time, they are still worth using over carbon steel in most cases because you will be able to use them more by not having any rust on their blade. If you chose carbon steel, you would be compelled not to if they suddenly rust.

Guests are quite common in some households, usually serving them a meal for the occasion. If you belong to this type of household, then choosing a steak knife that can be stored appropriately is what you should look for. Though all the choices are fine, some stand out because of their ease of use. Lamson and Rada Cutlery have rivets and handles that are easy to use, even for left-handed or ambidextrous people.

>>What to choose?

You never know when your guests (or their companions) are left-handed. So if you have people over constantly in your home, it would be best to purchase a steak knife that can accommodate both hand orientations.

🟩 Is there a versatile choice to suit all these factors in mind?

Of all the steak knives we have mentioned, they are still viable for each factor, although some have pros and cons over the others. However, there is a reason that we placed first place on its throne on the list. Home Hero’s knife is all-around useful for most of the factors mentioned. It has the advantage of having additional accessories and a casing that makes it convenient to purchase. If you are still indecisive, this knife is generally the most optimal choice. Although it does have its fair share of disadvantages.

The other choices are still very good to purchase. But in the end, it comes to personal preferences and whether one fits your situation better.


Knowing how to maintain your steak knife is crucial to keep in mind. Especially if you want to make the most out of your purchase. Like most knives and blades, some advanced methods can ensure that your steak knife’s blade does not become duller every use. We will first go over the quick and easy version of the cleaning process.

steak knives
Photo credits: Kyle Mackie

🟩 Cleaning (step-by-step)

  • You need to get the steak knife wet first. It is advisable that you use warm water to easily eliminate the small chunks of meat or sauce that may have stained the blade.
  • Then you can use dishwashing liquid that is not too abrasive or concentrated not to affect the knife’s blade.
  • Once you’ve cleaned your steak knife, dry it off with a towel thoroughly until it is completely dry. This is very important because storing your knife while still wet can lead to rusting since you are essentially trapping the moisture that way.
  • Put it back in the box, or wherever you keep your other knives so they don’t get damaged by water or food stains during storage.

🟩 Honing

Honing is the process of removing microscopic burrs from the blade edge. It’s not sharpening, but it can be done by hand or machine. It can usually be done every ten uses. But it is essential to know that you have to know the proper honing method not to damage your steak knife’s blade.

Honing is not the same as sharpening. Different maintenance levels are needed to keep your steak knives in good working order and ready for use. Honing is a regular maintenance task that you should regularly perform on all of your knives. Whether new or old, even if they’re no longer being used.

As stated in some of the steak knives on our list, some brands offer to hone services that can either do the process for you or teach you the proper steps you will need to take. Remember that some only offer these services for a limited time after you buy the steak knife.

🟩 Storing

There are various ways to store your steak knives. The most common and perhaps most practical is in a knife block. A simple wooden or glass block will do the trick. If you want something more stylish and modern, consider buying one of those classy-looking magnetic strips hanging from the wall. This is because they can hold up to 10 knives at once. Some options also have casings, such as the first option.

Two things you should always take note of when you are storing your knife are:

  • Do not store the knife while it is still wet (we cannot stress this enough).
  • Keep the steak knife beyond the reach of children or pets that may accidentally place them outside their casing. This can harm both your house members and the steak knife itself.

🟩 Should you use a dishwasher?

If the steak knife is dishwasher safe, you are free to do so. But note that dishwashers can easily wear down a knife’s sharpness. This is why most people recommend you wash it manually. Because dishwashers can be quite abrasive, you should consider the type of utensils you clean using them. Conveying it into an analogy is like putting a sword into a washing machine. Though it sounds easy and generally faster than manual washing, it can slowly but surely cause the blade (through the mixture of friction, excessive exposure to water, and the circulating dishwashing liquid) to become dull over time.

🟩 How long do steak knives usually last?

Steak knives typically span two years, but this can be extended through proper handling and maintenance. Certain brands offer a replacement for steak knives that become broken easily. Regardless, it highly depends on how you will take care of your steak knife and the material they consist of. Take note that this is for each knife, as you can simply store the other knives in the set for later use, and they will have little to no damage since they are being left unused.


Steak knives are one of the most common utensils for an equally common delectable meal. However, something as common as an everyday utensil still requires planning and consideration to ensure you make the most of your money. Remember that steak knives have different types, conveniences, and individual pros and cons, so stick with the steak knife that best suits your taste and situation.

Now that we’re talking about knives let’s discuss the safety of using a dull and a sharp knife. Just click here to continue reading.

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