5 Best Magnetic Knife Blocks for Your Kitchen

Knife blocks aren’t often necessary as they occupy too much of the kitchen counter. But it’s a different story with the best magnetic knife blocks, as they’re savvy and compact! You can place these anywhere in your kitchen, whether on your walls or cabinets.

With that, you can reach for your knives while keeping them out of reach from curious kids. Many magnetic knife blocks are available, ranging from sleek metal designs to wooden exteriors.

Check out the five best magnetic blocks below to keep your knives neatly organized — and within reach!

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Are Magnetic Knife Blocks Safe for Your Knives?

A quality magnetic knife block will have strong magnets to hold the blades without them. They’re more secure and convenient than other storage options for knives. And they guarantee more space in your kitchen as they’re compact and easy to install.

Aside from keeping your knives safe and secure, here are more reasons why magnetic knife blocks make for excellent investments:

✅ Magnetic Knife Blocks Save You a Lot of Space

Magnetic knife blocks are compact, saving you a lot of much-needed kitchen space. And unlike traditional blocks you need to place on a countertop, you can put magnetic knife blocks on your walls, racks, or kitchen cabinets. 

✅ A Magnetic Blocks Keeps Your Knives Organized

Getting a magnetic knife block keeps you organized, allowing you to show off your blades in a safe area. Moreover, they keep your kitchen knives within reach for easy cooking. And if you’re worried about curious hands getting into the blades, you can always place the magnetic block on a higher spot. You can enjoy all these without messing up your kitchen and adding more to the cluttered space. 

✅ Magnetic Blocks for Knives are More Hygienic

Modern magnetic knife blocks are more hygienic than traditional wooden holders. After all, they don’t have hidden spots for pathogens to hide. Moreover, they’re easier to clean and get rid of bacteria completely! Also, you don’t need to worry about moisture, as magnetic blocks don’t absorb it much as their wooden counterparts. 

✅ A Magnetic Knife Block is Safer

Their flexibility makes magnetic knife blocks safer and more secure than their traditional counterparts. You can place them on a wall far away from curious kids and inexperienced hands. With this, you can keep your kitchen running and your knives within reach without worrying about the blades getting snatched! 

✅ Better Accessibility 

Magnetic knife blocks guarantee better accessibility as they let you install them wherever they are most convenient. And the best part is that no matter how easy it will be for you to reach, it’ll be difficult for your kids! After all, these blocks lack drawers to open or slots to pull the blades off. 

✅ Easier Identification of the Knives 

Conventional knife blocks often have us guessing which knife we will pull out next. And this is especially the case for wooden knife blocks that hides the blades, making it more challenging to identify the knives. A magnetic knife block solves this issue as it lets you know what you’ll be grabbing next. After all, these magnetic knife blocks display your blades in full view! 

Still, remember, the magnetic block is holding knives. And if you’re careless when attaching or removing them, you may hurt yourself or damage the blade! So, always practice caution when storing your kitchen knives. 

Best Magnetic Knife Blocks


NO. 1 PICK: Ouddy 16-Inch Stainless Steel Best Magnetic Knife Block Holder for Kitchen
Ouddy 16-Inch Stainless Steel Best Magnetic Knife Block Holder for Kitchen

Product Name: Ouddy 16-Inch Stainless Steel Best Magnetic Knife Block Holder for Kitchen

Product Description: Ouddy reigns supreme regarding quality knife storage, offering one of the best magnetic knife blocks on the market. Its 16-Inch stainless steel knife block is incredibly flexible and affordable. In fact, it's versatile enough that you can place it horizontally anywhere in your kitchen. Whether it's your kitchen walls, refrigerators, or cabinets, Ouddy can fit perfectly in any space! Versatility aside, Ouddy's magnetic knife block is also quite powerful. The block keeps your blades intact thanks to its magnetic force without risking them sliding off. With proper care and maintenance, these magnets will work even after years of service! Backing its durability is its use of premium stainless steel. The magnetic knife block stays functional while maintaining a sleek and modern look. With this, you shouldn't have issues fitting it into your kitchen. But the downside Ouddy's magnetic knife block is that it doesn't have a manual. So, if you need more instructions for installation, you need to go to their website for further instructions. Also, be careful when handling the magnetic block as its backing plate has quite the sharp sides! Its metal backing plate can pull the magnet within the knife block, causing it to snap into place when reconnecting. Although this may seem harmless, its sharp sides can cut your hands.

Brand: Ouddy

Offer price: $

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Design
  • Magnet Strength


Ouddy is the best pick for you if you’re looking for affordable, quality magnetic knife blocks! Ouddy’s 16-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Block sports a magnetic surface backed by a powerful magnet for easy organization. And it stands out among the other knife blocks thanks to its flexibility. You can also use this magnetic knife block to store jewelry, grooming utensils, etc.

But beware, installation can be tricky as this knife block doesn’t come with an instructional manual.


  • Its magnet works throughout its surface.
  • This magnetic knife block sports powerful magnetism.
  • Top-quality construction and design.
  • Flexible and works for jewelry, grooming tools, etc.
  • It guarantees safety.


  • It doesn’t have a manual.
  • It can be complicated to install.


Jonathan Alden Magnetic Wooden Knife Block Strip

best magnetic knife blocks Jonathan Alden

Are you searching for a reliable and powerful magnetic knife block? Look no further than Jonathan Alden’s magnetic knife block strip, sporting one of the strongest magnetic strengths on the market! It’s available in four sizes, extending up to 24 inches, holding 8 to 12 knives.

Thanks to its powerful magnet, attaching knives is easier and stays intact. With Jonathan Alden, you don’t need to worry about the blades moving once in place. Heavy cleavers never felt more secure in a magnetic knife block! Meanwhile, lightweight paring knives won’t easily get knocked off.

Moreover, extended chef’s knives won’t swing or tilt once placed on the magnetic block. And more impressively, the magnetic knife block lets you quickly grab your knives despite its strong magnetic field.

Unlike most magnetic knife blocks assuming most users know how to install them right away, Jonathan Alden went out of their way to provide a manual and a paper template. With this, drilling holes into the right spots has never been this easy!

The magnetic knife block has a medium-finished wooden exterior for added style. And as stylish as this is, it can be a hassle to maintain as it needs regular waxing and oiling. If not, it can absorb moisture, weakening it and making it a haven for bacteria.

  • Available in 4 sizes.
  • Affordable.
  • It comes with a manual.
  • Easy to install.
  • It has a powerful magnet.
  • The wooden surface requires more maintenance.
  • The block needs waxing and oiling.

Schmidt Brothers 18-Inch Magnetic Acacia Knife Block Bar

best magnetic knife blocks Schmidt brothers

When flexibility, style, and affordability meets, you get Schmidt Brothers; 18-Inch Magnetic Acacia Knife Block Bar. Expanding 18 inches long, this magnetic knife block offers ample space for all your kitchen knives. This block will hold it well, whether you have bulky Japanese knives or tiny paring blades.

Length aside, this magnetic knife block also holds a powerful magnet strength, being able to hold a cleaver and other essential knives. And if you have extra tools, you can hang them on this block without issues.

Despite its large capacity, you don’t need to worry about the knives sliding or moving. This block’s magnet is strong enough to keep everything intact when not used.

But the impressive magnet strength has drawbacks, as it makes the knife block larger than usual. As a result, installing it in your kitchen space can be more complex. In fact, you need to use a mounting plate for easier installation and to ensure it stays in place.

Meanwhile, this magnetic knife block is also stylish, sporting natural wood finishes. It fits in most kitchens, adding an exciting accent to its design. But since it has wooden components, maintaining and caring for this magnetic knife block can be a chore.

Regardless, this magnetic knife block from Schmidt Brothers should last for a while with proper care.

  • This magnetic knife block is available in two finishes.
  • It’s affordable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The block is durable.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Its wooden exterior requires more maintenance.

Global Cutlery 32-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Block Bar

Global’s 32-Inch Magnetic Knife Block is the perfect storage option for busy kitchens. Its massive length allows you to store up to 13 knives and kitchen tools. Thanks to this, you can use the block for home or commercial use.

This knife block is especially useful for those who already own Global knives. Each blade matches the magnetic knife block well, adding a functional and stylish touch to any kitchen! It’s distinct and classic, perfect for all themes.

Although famous for its 32-inch knife block, it comes in various sizes, including 16 and 20 inches. So, you can pick one that fits your kitchen space best and can hold all your knives and tools. At most, you can fit 13 tools, including shears and grater, or more, as this block has zero dead zones!

Holding all your knives and tools are powerful magnets providing a safe space for all, preventing slipping and sliding. You can even put your knives with their pointy side down or up and still enjoy a stable hold!

But installation can be tricky since you’ll be working on a 32-inch magnetic knife block. After all, it’s heavy and difficult to align well. Once drilled in, the knife block comes with plastic caps to cover the screws, completing its signature look.

The best benefit of this knife block is its versatility, as it can also handle heavy-duty tools. So, once you’re done cooking, you can place it in your garage for easy access and storage.

  • It can hold up to 13 knives and kitchen tools.
  • This magnetic knife block sports a sleek and modern design.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has a compact design.
  • The block has a powerful magnet.
  • It’s very expensive.
  • Some describe the magnetic knife block having an “industrial” look to it.

wooDsom Magnetic Knife Block

The final contender for the best magnetic knife block is wooDsom’s magnetic knife block. It’s one of the most creative picks on the market, as it has a customizable size. Its smallest size is 8 inches, holding up to two chefs and utility knives. And you can also get it in different finishes, making it an excellent pick for anyone’s kitchen.

Based on flexibility, wooDsom dominates the other magnetic knife blocks. But no matter how you design your block, its magnet strength remains the same, easily holding bulky tools. And you don’t have to worry about the block breaking down on you too soon as everything’s made in the USA.

Moreover, the knife block has mounting hardware for easier installation. With this, even inexperienced hands will have a breeze installing the magnetic knife block. And once you’re done using it in your kitchen, you can easily transfer it to another place.

But the drawback is that it has some dead zones on a few installation parts. That means the magnets in the block don’t reach the areas where you install them.

  • It has customizable sizes.
  • Its exterior has been finished with food-safe oil.
  • This knife block is easy to install.
  • Made in the USA.
  • It can handle bulky knives and tools well.
  • It is expensive.
  • It had some dead zones at some of the installation points.

What to Look for When Shopping for the Best Magnetic Knife Blocks?

Finding the best magnetic knife blocks can be tricky. Some sport a sleek and modern metallic look, while others reminisce with wooden patterns. So, to cut your research short, here are a few factors to look out for when browsing magnetic knife blocks:

⭕ Ease of Installation

Magnetic knife blocks come in various models; some can have complex installation. Meanwhile, others are so simple to install that anyone can do it! But before installing the knife block, measure the spot to ensure you drill the holes correctly!

Any magnetic knife block will likely ask for a drill, so remember to use wall anchors! The drywall should be durable enough to hold your knives on the magnetic block.

⭕ Length

Before purchasing a magnetic knife block, lay the blades you wish to store in it side-by-side. With this, you’ll see how much space the knives need when attached to or on the magnetic block. Meanwhile, if you’re buying a magnetic strip knife block, some manufacturers allow you to extend its length. 

If you’re confident you’ll be expanding your kitchen knife collection soon, it’s best to leave some spots empty on your magnetic knife block. 

⭕ Type of Magnet Used for the Knife Block

Modern magnetic knife blocks have magnets built into its body, offering consistent strength. Meanwhile, some knife blocks have magnets installed on their exteriors, often evenly spaced for better placement. And though these work well, you’ll likely end up with wasted space! 

⭕ Magnetic Knife Block Size

Magnetic knife blocks are usually compact and easy to squeeze into any kitchen. But some manufacturers offer them in various sizes, including small, medium, and large. 

Generally, smaller magnetic blocks extend for 8 to 10 inches, holding up to six knives! Meanwhile, medium-sized magnetic knife blocks extend between 12 and 20 inches, holding eight knives. Finally, larger magnetic blocks expand up to 24, 30, and 36 inches, holding 12 knives! 

Regardless of the size, most magnetic knife blocks can handle bulky blades without a hitch! But carefully consider how many knives you’ll be storing to avoid getting a knife block that won’t even fit your kitchen!

⭕ Materials

Magnetic knife blocks, despite their name, often contain wooden elements. And the best material for these kitchen essentials is walnut wood or stainless steel. Either way, these two guarantee long-term storage, no matter how bulky your knives are! 

But most magnetic blocks nowadays are made from aluminum and plastic, often low quality. And these break easily, damaging your knives over time.

⭕ Magnet Strength 

Top-quality magnetic knife blocks use heavy-duty magnets strong enough to stop your blades from falling off even with the slightest nudge. Aside from that, its strength should allow for easy knife release. It users from applying too much force on its tang each time they get it.

It’s ideal for you to buy a quality magnetic knife block with a magnet covering its entirety. After all, this guarantees consistent strength throughout the block, and not at intervals! With the lack of dead zones, the magnets allow you to hold knives at any spot.

But as tempting as it is to grab a magnetic knife block with a strong magnet, don’t do it! After all, it’ll be tougher to pull out, potentially damaging your blades. So, aim for a knife block with balanced magnet strength. 

⭕ Additional Accessories

Some magnetic knife blocks come with additional features welcoming extra accessories. For instance, some designs may have hooks for hanging other kitchen tools besides your knives!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the best magnetic knife blocks better than traditional ones?

A: Magnetic knife blocks are the safest and most convenient solution for storing knives. They stabilize your blades and prevent them from getting chipped, nicked, or damaged. Also, they’re more sanitary than traditional wooden knife blocks. 

Q: Are magnetic knife block bars ideal for knives?

A: As long as the magnetic knife block is strong, it should be able to hold your knives well. They keep your blades on full display for easy reach while ensuring safety for everyone in the kitchen. So, ensure the magnetic knife block you get has a robust magnetic strip for the best results!

Q: Will a magnetic knife block hurt my knives?

A: The built-in magnets on the knife block won’t hurt your knives. After all, they aren’t strong enough to deform the blades. But your knives can get damaged on the racks as it’s easy to drag their edges along the frame as you pull them off. 

Q: What knives stick to a magnetic block best?

A: Knives made from stainless steel are primarily magnetic as they consist of martensitic steel. Hence, they suit magnetic knife blocks best. Avoid storing ceramic knives or stainless steel knives hailing from austenitic steel as they aren’t magnetic.

Q: How long will the magnetic strip on a knife block last?

A: With proper care and maintenance, the magnetic strip on a knife block can last between 10 and 20 years. But if you grab and store your blades often, expect them to break earlier.

The Bottom Line

The best magnetic knife blocks are the perfect storage option for those with limited kitchen space. They keep your blades safe and within reach without occupying too much space. And best of all, you can place it anywhere in your kitchen, making it easier for you to maneuver when cooking.

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