Top 5 Best Parchment Paper For Extreme Heat

Are you into baking, or do you just want to protect your new air fryer on its base? One important baking tool is parchment paper. This has been around for centuries and is generally used to protect your pans and pots from burning your food. There are various types of parchment papers, but the most common feature that everyone’s looking for is the durability and level of resistance that it can hold, especially when exposed to high heat. So if you are looking for this material, this blog is for you! Here are the top 5 best parchment papers that can resist high heat.

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HIWARE - Parchment Paper Roll Check Price
KOOTEK - Unbleached Parchment Liner Check Price
KATBITE - Flat Parchment Paper Check Price
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OUR TOP PICK: SMARTAKE Nonstick Parchment Paper

Product Name: SMARTAKE Nonstick Parchment Paper

Product Description: If you want parchment paper that can resist up to 450°f, the SMARTAKE Nonstick Parchment Paper is best for you. Unlike other parchments, this brand is nonstick, so you can easily slide it off after cooking. You can also use it in any type of cooking, such as baking and grilling. Aside from these, SMARTAKE also offers you precut parchment paper for faster cooking without spending too much time cutting corners to make it fit. Its size is 12x16, perfect for your baking experience. And lastly, SMARTAKE is non-toxic due to its unbleached feature making it safe for food contact.

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  • Heat Resistance
  • Ease of Use
  • Versatility


SMARTAKE is ideal for baking and grilling because it’s already precut and has clean corners. There will be no folding or cutting on edges, making your preparation faster. It is also safe because it is unbleached and will not damage your food while cooking. Lastly, SMARTAKE is packed with 200 sheets inside to give you more cooking and baking experiences.


🟢 Easy to lay

🟢 Can resist heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

🟢 Contains 200 precut sheets

🟢 Nontoxic and unbleached


🔴 Slightly high cost compared to regular


HIWARE - Parchment Paper Roll
Hiware Parchment Paper

HIWARE is great if you have various pan sizes. It comes with a cutter so that you can resize it depending on your cooking method. HIWARE is multifunctional and fits on almost all baking pans due to the availability of the cutter. It is also safe because HIWARE is purely made from wood pulp which is why no unwanted impurities can degrade your meal.

This parchment paper is nonstick so you don’t need to add additional grease or oil because the food will easily slide off after cooking. Because of this, it is safe to put it in extreme heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it safe also when using your oven.

By using HIWARE, you can have thicker paper that can also make your cooking time longer. But with all of these features, your budget will surely be worth it.

  • Heat resistance – 450°F
  • Flexible, can resize
  • Environment safe
  • No greasing needed
  • Thick (longer cooking time)
KOOTEK - Unbleached Parchment Liner
KOOTEK parchment paper

KOOTEK is also one of the recommended parchment papers because it can resist up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is waterproof, so you can use it to steam your fish and veggies. Kootek is also easy-to-clean because of its special coating that prevents food from sticking.

If you are worried about its coating being unsafe, don’t worry! KOOTEK coating is pure from natural sources, making it safe when in contact with your food. It is totally free from chlorine for maximum health protection. And because of its size, you can cook and bake a lot of food such as cake, casseroles, and potatoes.

Lastly, KOOTEK has an anti-tear property which is why you still need kitchen shears or cutters to shape it. But, because of this feature, you are surely confident that there will be no pieces of paper on your food after cooking.

  • Heat resistance – 450°F
  • Packaged flat (not rolled)
  • Chlorine-free material
  • Waterproof and has anti-tear feature
  • Can’t tear it up using your hands
KATBITE - Flat Parchment Paper
KATBITE parchment paper

KATBITE is a flexible parchment paper because of having a 2-sided coating, so you can avoid confusion in determining which is the right side. It also fits on half oven pans and lays flat perfectly.

This parchment paper is 12% thicker and is also waterproof making your cooking time a bit longer than usual. But because of this, KATBITE can resist heat up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and you can use it on an air fryer, heat press, and even freezer.

  • Heat resistance – 425° F
  • 2-sided coating
  • Waterproof
  • 12% Thicker (longer cooking time)
  • Rounded cut (not applicable for square pans)
REYNOLDS - Parchment Paper Roll

REYNOLDS parchment paper is the most common brand that measures 60 feet and is packed in a roll. It is reusable, and you can still use it up to three times! Just wash or wipe, and you are ready to reuse it. Aside from this, you can also use it in an oven and direct heat reaching 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even if it is reusable, it is still compostable. Because of its natural components, REYNOLDS paper is safe to compost after use. This parchment paper is BPA-free, and this chemical is hazardous to our health. So using REYNOLDS parchment paper, your family is undoubtedly safe.

  • Heat resistance – 425° F
  • BPA-free
  • Compostable
  • Reusable
  • Can’t use on Rustic no-knead bread


Photo credits: David Maier

You can buy a couple of various kinds, such as the best picks listed above. But in this section, I will teach you how to choose the best parchment paper for your cooking needs.

📍 Material

There are two types of parchment paper when it comes to coating and material used. You can choose either bleached or unbleached. Remember that as you go on natural material, the more expensive it can get. Either of the two, they still work the same.

And for the coating, food-grade silicone is usually preferable to ensure that the paper is non-stick. Also, you can still reuse it for several times. But of course, with having so much great features, expect it from having a higher cost than the others.

📍 Size

Depending on your type of cooking, you need to consider buying a full-size parchment. Though pre-cut has the advantage of making your prep time faster, full-size still works better. This is because you will not have limits on the size of pan you are going to use. Unlike pre-cut, it is usually applicable for half pans, and rounded papers are only for tortillas and cakes. So if you cook or bake in different sizes, choose full-size parchment so you can cut it in your preferred size, and it is really cost-effective.


If you are new to cooking, you need to know the different wraps used in the kitchen. And in this section, we will differentiate the two most common wraps: Parchment and Kitchen wrap.

📍 Kitchen wrap

This kind of wrap is an alternative to the common cling and foil wrap. It is usually available on burgers and sandwiches at various fast food outlets. By the texture of it, you will feel like it’s kind of a plastic and paper material. It is also leak-proof so that you won’t have problems with drops of sauces and oil.

📍 Parchment paper

Like the kitchen wrap, this is also an excellent tool in the kitchen. It is a cellulose-based item that has special coatings to be non-stick and waterproof. If the kitchen wrap is for wrapping your on-the-go sandwiches, parchment paper is for the base of your pan for your cookies, cake, fish, and more. Typically, parchment paper is put on pans to prevent food from sticking and burning. It is also great to have easy cleaning time after you cook. Unlike kitchen wrap, the parchment paper is made to resist high heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 


A parchment paper is pre-made heat-resistant paper. Because of its silicone coating, it became waterproof and is resistant to heat. But remember that being heat-resistant doesn’t mean that it can’t catch fire.

This paper is manufactured to go in the oven and not directly on fire or open flame. That is why parchment papers have various heat resistance features that you need to follow. The featured papers are only applicable to 450 degrees Fahrenheit as described above. And if you go higher, your parchment can turn black until it can damage the coating. For this reason, the fire can grow.


Using parchment paper is an ideal way to get the most out of your extreme-heat cooking sessions. You can also use them to line baking pans and trays if you don’t want to burn and stain your regular baking sheets. You don’t necessarily need special parchment paper to make the recipes, but it makes life a lot easier. It makes clean-up far more manageable than using a grill, and it allows the veggies to soak up all of the flavors and cook in without getting soggy.

If this post has been helpful to you, or if you’re going to try parchment paper out in the kitchen, please share it with others! And to make sure you are following the right temperature, click here for oven thermometers that you can buy.

Thanks for reading this article, and I hope that it helps! Happy cooking!

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