The perfect Gingerbread Village for Christmas

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the Gingerbread Mini Village Kit. I recently had the chance to try it out with my family, and I must say, it was a mixed experience. Let me break it down for you.

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. The kit comes with everything you need to build a cute gingerbread village. It includes pre-cooked gingerbread, icing, and assorted candies for decorating. It’s a convenient one-stop solution for all your building and cookie decorating needs.
  2. The instructions provided were easy to follow, and the gabled house assembly was simple. Even our youngest family members, aged 3 and up, were able to participate and have fun.
  3. The gingerbread houses turned out adorable, and we enjoyed the process of decorating them together as a family. It was a great way to spend quality time during the holiday season.
  4. The kit includes five separate houses to decorate, providing enough for everyone in the family to get involved. It’s perfect for larger families or gatherings with friends.
  5. The gingerbread in the kit had a delicious taste, and the candies added an extra burst of sweetness. It was a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Unfortunately, some of the pieces were broken during shipping. We had to get creative and find ways to still assemble the houses, but it was disappointing to have to deal with broken pieces.
  2. The quality of the pastry bags included in the kit was subpar. They were easily split, resulting in a messy assembly process. It made it more challenging, especially when working with children who were excited about decorating.

Quick Verdict

In conclusion, the Gingerbread Mini Village Kit is a fun activity to do with the family during the Christmas season. It provides a one-stop solution for all your gingerbread house building and decorating needs. The kit includes everything you need, and the gingerbread and candies taste great. However, be aware that there may be some issues with broken pieces and the quality of the pastry bags. Overall, it’s a good kit for creating lasting memories, but it might be worth checking the product in person at your local supermarket before purchasing.

Check out the Gingerbread Mini Village Kit here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

As a gingerbread enthusiast, I recently purchased the Gingerbread Mini Village Kit from Create a Treat on Amazon. Living in the USA, I ordered it online and was pleasantly surprised by how fast it arrived at my doorstep.

Opening the package, I found everything neatly organized and secured inside. The box contained all the pieces needed to create a charming gingerbread mini village, including pre-baked gingerbread house panels, icing, a variety of colorful candies, and easy-to-follow instructions.

The gingerbread house panels were intricately designed, and the candies were bright and festive, perfect for bringing the village to life. The icing was conveniently packaged in separate tubes, allowing for precise decorating. It was a joy to unbox and see all the possibilities for creating my own gingerbread masterpiece.


Brand: Create a Treat

Manufacturer: Give and Go Prepared Foods Corp.

Item Weight: 2.34 pounds

Package Dimensions: 12.28 x 9.96 x 2.44 inches

Number of Pieces: 1

Seasons: Winter

Cartoon Character: Cookie

Theme: Christmas

Color: Multicolor

Age Range: Kid

Date First Available: October 26, 2018

Documentation/ User Guide

The included user guide was a valuable resource in helping me navigate the assembly and decoration process. It provided step-by-step instructions with clear illustrations, ensuring that even someone with limited gingerbread house experience could confidently create a stunning mini village. If you’re interested in exploring the user guide, you can find it here.

Features – What We Found

Create A Treat Christmas Gingerbread House Kit For The Whole Family To Decorate Together

This gingerbread mini village kit is designed for the whole family to enjoy decorating together during the Christmas season. It brings everyone together for a fun and creative activity, allowing you to bond and create lasting memories.

The kit includes everything you need to build and decorate five separate houses, providing options for each family member to express their own creativity. The variety of designs and decorations ensures that everyone can participate and make their unique contribution to the village.

Pro-tip: Before starting, gather the family and brainstorm ideas for the village design. Assign each person a house and encourage them to gather inspiration for their decoration ideas. This will make the activity more fun and engaging.

Build This Pre-cooked Gingerbread Village In Eight E-z Steps

Building the gingerbread village is a breeze with this kit, thanks to the pre-cooked gingerbread pieces and the simple assembly process. The kit provides step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, making it suitable for beginners and those with limited baking or decorating experience.

The eight E-z steps ensure that even children as young as 3 years old can participate with adult supervision. The straightforward process allows for quick and efficient assembly, saving time and enabling you to focus more on the decoration aspect of the activity.

For more details and to purchase the Gingerbread Mini Village Kit, visit the product link.

No Baking Required!

One of the standout features of this kit is that no baking is required. The gingerbread pieces come pre-cooked and ready to assemble and decorate. This eliminates the need for complicated baking processes and ensures that the focus remains on the creative aspect rather than spending time in the kitchen.

By taking out the baking step, the kit makes the activity more accessible to those who may not have baking supplies or the expertise to bake gingerbread from scratch. It also saves time and reduces the potential for baking mishaps, allowing you to dive straight into the fun part of decorating.

A One-stop Solution for All Your Building and Cookie Decorating Needs

This gingerbread house kit provides a complete and easy-to-use solution for both building and cookie decorating needs. The kit includes the pre-cooked gingerbread pieces, icing, and a variety of colorful candy decorations, making it a convenient and comprehensive package.

The components are specifically curated to ensure that you have everything you need to create a visually stunning gingerbread village. With all the necessary materials included, you don’t need to worry about hunting for additional decorations or supplies. This saves time and energy, allowing you to fully engage in the activity without any hassle.

Pro-tip: Before starting the decorating process, organize all the decorations by color or type. This makes it easier to find specific decorations when you need them, keeping the decorating process smooth and enjoyable.

Perfect for Little Hands Too

This gingerbread house kit is designed to be suitable for children as young as 3 years old. It provides a safe and enjoyable activity for little hands to participate in during the holiday season.

The age-appropriate design ensures that young children can contribute to the decorating process without feeling overwhelmed. The size of the gingerbread pieces and the simplicity of the assembly steps accommodate their motor skills and attention span, enabling them to fully engage in the activity.

Explaining the science behind this feature, the kit’s design takes into account the developmental abilities of young children. It provides a balance between challenging their creativity and maintaining a level of ease that allows them to successfully participate in the decoration of their own gingerbread house.

Our Review and Score

Our Score: 73.0

As someone who loves holiday crafts and baking, I was excited to try out the Gingerbread Mini Village Kit. The idea of building a whole gingerbread village with my family sounded like a fun and festive activity. Although there were some issues with the packaging and assembly, overall, my experience with this kit was positive.

Firstly, I appreciated the convenience of not having to bake the gingerbread myself. The pre-cooked gingerbread pieces were easy to work with and tasted delicious. The kit also came with all the necessary components for decorating, including icing and candy. The instructions were clear and the eight E-z steps made the assembly process simple, even for my younger children.

One of the highlights of this kit was the ability to decorate five separate houses. This allowed each member of my family to have their own creative space. Despite some of the pieces arriving broken, we were able to make it work and still have an enjoyable time. It’s worth noting that other customers have also mentioned this issue, so it seems that there could be room for improvement in the packaging.

Click here to check out the Gingerbread Mini Village Kit on Amazon and discover all the fun you can have with your family this holiday season. Overall, despite some minor flaws, this kit provided a memorable and enjoyable activity for my family, making it a worthwhile purchase.

Best combination

Wilton Build it Yourself Mini Village Gingerbread Decorating Kit

Looking to take your gingerbread decorating to the next level? I highly suggest you consider purchasing the Wilton Build it Yourself Mini Village Gingerbread Decorating Kit along with the Gingerbread Mini Village Kit. These two products are the perfect combination to create a stunning holiday display that will impress both kids and adults alike.

The Wilton Build it Yourself Mini Village Gingerbread Decorating Kit offers endless creativity and fun. With this kit, you can construct a charming gingerbread village complete with houses, trees, and even a festive gingerbread man. The possibilities are endless, and you can let your imagination run wild as you design and decorate your mini village.

By purchasing this alternate product along with the main Gingerbread Mini Village Kit, you can create a truly unique and personalized holiday centerpiece. The Wilton Build it Yourself Mini Village Gingerbread Decorating Kit provides additional elements to enhance your gingerbread village, making it more festive and eye-catching. The combination of these two products will take your gingerbread decorating skills to new heights.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a show-stopping gingerbread village this holiday season. Get the Gingerbread Mini Village Kit and the Wilton Build it Yourself Mini Village Gingerbread Decorating Kit now and let your creativity shine!

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