The Best Masticating Juicer On The Market!

Juicing may be a fun and easy method to get extra nutrients into your diet or simply enjoy your fruits and veggies in a different way. A juicer that produces exceptionally high-quality, nutritional juices, might be a fantastic choice if you want the best-tasting juice.

With thousands of juicers on the market, deciding which one is best might be difficult. We have found the best masticating juicer for you after extensive research and reading reviews.

The Finest Masticating Juicer

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Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

This high-end masticating juicer is much more than just a juicer. This is a workhorse that mimics the functions of a blender to offer you more bang for your buck. This juicer comes with three strainer bowls for making juice, smoothies, and sorbets. 

It is also capable of producing nut milk from soaked nuts. The Hurom Easy Clean provides a high juice production with less froth. Its one-of-a-kind bowl design foregoes the stainless-steel filters used by other masticating juicers to separate the juice from the pulp. 

Instead, the Hurom has broader plastic slats that are easy to clean while yet allowing for efficient straining. For quick and simple cleaning, this juicer swings open into two hinged sections.

Considerations Before Purchasing a Juicer

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The simplest method to create your own juice is to use a juicer, and there are many different alternatives available these days. However, before you buy a juicer, you should be aware of the qualities you must be aware of to ensure that it is the perfect one for you.

❕ What do you Plan to Juice?

Calculate how much of each of the produces you intend to juice. Given the great range of food Mother Nature supplies, no juicer is built to excel at all of the above. 

Therefore it’s crucial to generally establish what you intend to predominantly juice as this will strongly impact the ideal juicer for your purposes.

❕ How much do you Juice?

While generating the best quality juice, masticating juicers are substantially slower than fast-speed centrifugal juicers. Centrifugal juicers are a fantastic alternative if you need to create a lot of juice rapidly and are ready to compromise on quality. 

However, if juice quality is your priority and you want to juice mostly vegetables and leafy greens, a masticating juicer is by far the best option.

❕ Do you like High Juice Yield?

The juice yield is an important metric for determining the quality and efficacy of a juicer. Several video comparisons demonstrate how successful different juicers are in juicing the same amount of vegetables. 

Typically, as the production of juice grows, so does the price. Twin gear masticating juicers create the most juice and make very dry pulp, whilst centrifugal juicers produce the least juice and produce the wettest pulp.

❕ What is your Budget?

As with most things in life, you get what you spend for when it comes to juicers. Typically, as the price rises, so performs the juicer. 

A greater price implies a larger juice output, more features, an easier-to-clean device, a better guarantee, and, in many cases, a more aesthetically pleasing product.

❕ How long is the Warranty?

Juicers have various warranties; most high-speed centrifugal juicers have just 1-5 year guarantees since the motors might burn out. But masticating juicers have 10-year domestic warranties on the motor and 5-year domestic warranties on the components. 

Check to see where warranties are handled and what the warranties cover.

❕ Can it Juice Leafy Greens?

The ability to obtain raw, living juice from leafy green vegetables is the most significant advantage of juicing. There are no other foods as high in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes as leafy greens. 

Stick to masticating juicers, which are great for extracting leafy green juice.

❕ How Long can you Install it?

Many marketing flyers overstate the amount of time it takes to assemble, dismantle, and clean a juicer. After you’ve used a juicer a few times, you’ll be an expert at assembly, disassembly, and cleaning. Yes, multiple juicers have more parts, but it just takes a few seconds to clean these parts under a running tap.

A word of caution is don’t be persuaded by one juicer claiming to be significantly faster to clean than the rest.

❕ Can it Juice Chunks?

The ability to juice entire apples and other fruits and vegetables are useful for individuals who want to cut down on the time spent slicing fruits and vegetables before juicing. 

Most masticating juicers feature a narrower feed chute, approximately 4 cms in diameter. This minimizes overfeeding and is also a safety requirement.

❕ Does it have additional features?

Many juicers now include a range of food processing functions. Furthermore, experts recommend that you use your juicer for juicing. 

Most of these other food processing functions, based on our expertise, could be accomplished with a low-cost food processor. Moreover, utilizing your juicer as a food processor frequently may impair its juicing function. 

Nonetheless, read the product descriptions to discover what accessories come with the juicers and whether they can be purchased separately.

❕ Lastly, Do you like the Design?

To get the most out of your juicer, keep it perceptible in your kitchen; otherwise, it can go up unused in a closet someplace. Many juicer designs are visually appealing. Most of the main brands provide a wide selection of designs and colors for a modern kitchen atmosphere. 

Consider the color of your kitchen’s other appliances. Consider the size and design of your juicer, as well as the space required around your juicer and for the food you are juicing. 

Many juicers are fairly big, and most are now either horizontal or vertical in orientation; it is critical to consider juicer dimensions while selecting your juicer.

Contenders for the Market’s Best Juicers

Photo Credits: Kuvings

➖ Kuvings EVO820 Whole Slow Juicer

This juicer produces great fruit and vegetable juice and is capable of handling any component. It also has strainer bowl choices for preparing smoothies and sorbets, as well as the ability to prepare nut milk. 

A little apple can fit intact without being cored or seeded. It’s also quite simple to clean, since there are no silicone seals to remove, and it comes with a special cleaning basket with brush components to scrub the stainless-steel filters.

➖ Dash Cold Press Juicer

With dimensions of 4 inches wide and 14 inches high, this compact yet formidable juicer is ideal for smaller kitchens and produces juice on par with many larger machines. 

If you don’t have much storage space or are new to juicing, this juicer is an excellent low-cost choice. While you’ll have to chop your fruit into tiny pieces to fit it in the feed chute, the juice output is powerful, easily handling leafy greens with the pusher. 

It can also be used to manufacture high-quality nut milk. The stainless-steel strainer is built into the body of the feed chute and lid, yet this does not make cleaning the juicer parts any more difficult.

➖ Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer

Many consumers compliment this midrange juicer’s simplicity of use and capability to juice a variety of fruits and vegetables for the price. When pushing produce through the feed chute, your arms will get a good workout. 

Even soft apples require a shove down the chute rather than slipping effortlessly. It’s also simple to disassemble and clean, with only a little cleaning required for the strainer.

How does a Masticating Juicer Function?

A masticating juicer features a funnel at the top through which fruits and vegetables are fed; a plunger pulls them down. The juice is collected from the pulp when the crushed food flows through a tube and into the moving blade. 

Depending on the sort of masticating juicer you’re looking at, one or two augers may be used to smash the food. The juice then flows through a series of small pores on the tube’s bottom, while the pulp or fibers of the fruits/veggies are forced out the other end into another container. 

It takes longer to juice using a masticating juicer than it does with a centrifugal juicer.

Mastication refers to the process of chewing, chomping, or crushing, which is exactly what this juicer accomplishes. This juicer takes all of the fruits and veggies, chews them for you, spits out the fibrous debris, and gives you all of the nutritious juice. 

The juice maintains more of its critical elements as a result of this delayed procedure. And because less heat is applied throughout the process, the juice does not oxidize as rapidly.

Reducing oxidation not only helps to maintain more nutrients in the juice but also improves the flavor and texture of the juicer.

Juicing’s Health Advantages

For hundreds of years, people have been juicing. This is understandable given the numerous health advantages of juicing. With our hectic lifestyles, it’s difficult to hold track of the fresh fruits and vegetables we ingest regularly. 

Juicing makes it simple to consume your daily serving of fruits and vegetables, allowing you to get all of their health advantages.

✔️ Added Vitamins and Minerals to Your Diet

Juicing may offer the body a nutritious dose of vitamins and minerals that would otherwise be missing in your diet. If you haven’t considered it in a while, vitamins and minerals are beneficial to your health. 

If your body is lacking in numerous vital vitamins and minerals, it may indicate that your body isn’t performing to its maximum capability. 

Juicing is a pleasant way to include them into your diet – while still obtaining all of the vitamins and nutrients your body requires.

✔️ Possibility of Weight Loss

Juice may aid you to lose weight if you include it in your diet. Varying on the fruits and vegetables you consume, your morning, afternoon, or even evening juice may be less in calories than your usual snacks. 

In many circumstances, this might indicate that you are calorie deficit, which is a terrific way to lose a few pounds.

✔️ Enhanced Energy

Have you found yourself becoming overly reliant on caffeine? Perhaps you’re not a morning person. Juicing is an ideal strategy to get energy without depending on caffeinated beverages. 

Consuming more B-vitamin-rich meals is one of the multiple ways we may increase our energy levels.

✔️ Reduce Inflammation

To its anti-inflammatory effects, juicing may be a fantastic practice for you if you suffer from pain or inflammation of any sort. Ingesting fresh fruit high in vitamin C will deliver antioxidants to your body. 

Keeping a diet wealthy in nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables provides you an edge over inflammation, perhaps decreasing the unwanted effects. Fresh juice cleanses are a terrific method to rejuvenate your body and jump over if you require a body reset. 

Although your body has mechanisms that aid filter out pollutants, juice can assist in jump-starting your detox even more.

✔️ Defend Against Disease

Drinking juice made from mixed fruits and vegetables can enhance your nutritional intake, familiarizing vitamins and minerals into your body. These are critical in illness prevention. 

Green juice, in particular, can help reduce toxins in your body when combined with balanced nutrition and exercise. Although green juice will not reduce your healthcare costs, it will help you avoid numerous preventable ailments. 

If you don’t eat a lot of fruits and veggies, juicing is a terrific way to obtain more of them.

Beginner’s Guide to Juicing

Freshly produced juice is one of the simplest and most delightful things you can accomplish for your health. If you wish to enter this realm, you must first learn the basics.

👍 Choose your Produce Wisely

Choose fruits and vegetables with a high water content over those with low water content.

👍 Plan Ahead of Time

Before using your fruits and veggies, give them a good clean to remove any dirt or pesticide residues. Peel or remove the produce skin as needed before juicing, and get rid of the rind from all citrus fruits, as well as big pits and seeds from stone fruits. 

You should also cut food items to the correct size, which is just tiny enough to fit comfortably into the feed funnel.

👍 Juice for Everyone in the Family

Juicing is an excellent approach to achieve your daily suggested intake of fruits and vegetables while also filling in certain nutritional gaps. Juices may benefit everyone in the family, so spread the love.

👍 Add a Touch of Sweetness

Vegetables are fantastic. Vegetable liquids are also OK. However, if you look forward to the flavor of the juice, you will be far more likely to drink it and make it a daily habit. 

A slight sweetness from fruit goes a long way toward taming the bitterness of vegetables.

👍 Choose fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Frozen fruits and vegetables should never be juiced; instead, use them in smoothies. By utilizing fresh products, you will acquire most of the nutrients your body needs.

👍 Make use of the Pulp

The pulp is a fiber treasure trove. And it’s really simple to use the pulp in a variety of delectable dishes. To get its advantages, after juicing, dump the contents of your pulp basin into an airtight container, seal, and chill or freeze for later use.

👍 Drink

Since antioxidant activity decreases over time, it’s best to consume your juice straight soon. If you intend to drink the juice later, put it in an airtight glass jar in the refrigerator for up to one day.

👍 Make it look Nice

We do, in fact, eat and drink with our eyes. A dirty, dark cup of juice is far less appealing than one that is brilliant and colorful. Presentation is important, especially when presenting the juice to finicky eaters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a masticating juicer truly superior?

A: Yes, and it produces a superior quality juice that is thicker, less frothy, and has a stronger flavor. Produces more juice, allowing you to get more out of your fruits and veggies. The juice produced will have a longer shelf life.

Q: Is it better to have a vertical or horizontal masticating juicer?

A: Centrifugal juicers are well-known for generating juice at a higher rate. Masticating juicers, on the other hand, generate far higher quality juice, and vertical masticating juicers, in particular, produce very nutritious juice at a rapid pace. Horizontal masticating juicers are often slower.

Q: Is Aicok a reputable brand?

A: Aicok is China’s Black and Decker, offering a wide range of high-quality countertop items.

Q: Is Vitamix a juicer?

A: While Vitamix is not a classic juice extractor, it does produce juice by crushing and liquifying entire foods.

Q: Is it worthwhile to juice?

A: There is no scientific proof that extracted juices are healthier than eating the fruit or vegetable itself.

Final Thoughts

As always, the ideal juicer for you is determined by your budget and the purpose for which you intend to use it. If you just want to test it out, go ahead and spend a bit less to see how you like it. 

However, in general, less expensive devices might be more trouble than they’re worth, and if you decide to utilize them in the long run, you may need to pay again. Spend a little extra upfront, and your juicer will last longer, juice more effectively, and most likely come with a longer guarantee. 

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