How to Get Rid of Kitchen Ants Naturally: 8 Home Remedies

With food in mind, it’s no wonder ants love parading around our kitchen sinks. Although harmless, ants can be a problem when they invade our homes in colonies. And though you need exterminators in some cases, there are plenty of remedies you can do at home. So, how to get rid of kitchen ants naturally? From planting mint to sprinkling cinnamon, below are the best home remedies to eliminating ants. 

Best Ways to Get Rid of Kitchen Ants Naturally

 🐜 Plant Mint

how to get rid of kitchen ants naturally? A pot of mint

Peppermint is one of the best and good-smelling home remedies to kill kitchen ants.

I suggest planting mint around your home to deter these pests, especially in your kitchen. If not possible, you can also wipe peppermint-based essential oil on affected areas.

Otherwise, you may place a cotton ball soaked in peppermint oil and leave it where ants frequent in. 

Not only does this smell good, but it’s also efficient. After all, ants despise the smell of mint, keeping them away from your lovely kitchen. 

 🐜 Stay Salty

Using table salt is an affordable home remedy that can help you eliminate kitchen ants in no time. I recommend using regular table salt than thicker rock salts as these don’t deter ants. These pests may bring the rock salts back to their colonies. 

Either way, sprinkling salt near the nooks and crannies around your kitchen can get rid of them for good. You can also create a salt and water solution to spray affected areas.

 🐜 Don’t Forget to Stay Caffeinated

how to get rid of kitchen ants naturally - ground coffee in a jar

Coffee grounds have become strong ant deterrents thanks to their pungent and overwhelming odor.

I suggest sprinkling fresh coffee grounds on top of disposable surfaces. Doing so makes it easier to clean up after. Either way, make sure to leave them in places where kitchen ants congregate the most. 

Although different for every home, most kitchen ants invade kitchen sinks and countertops. 

Aside from that, keep in mind that ground coffee loses its vigor once fully dry. And this doesn’t hinder ants at all. So remember to change the coffee grounds often. 

 🐜 Vinegar

Vinegar is among the most potent and efficient natural ant killers at home. You can sprinkle some of it on the affected areas directly, but this may leave a pungent odor in your home. That’s why I suggest creating a vinegar and water solution. Doing this lets you apply controlled amounts of vinegar on affected areas, killing ants quickly. 

 🐜 Pour Boiling Water

A drastic yet efficient remedy for removing ants at home is pouring boiling water on them. However, I only recommend this if you’ve noticed ant holes forming in your kitchen. Otherwise, this can be dangerous as well as harmful to your home’s infrastructure. 

But pouring boiling water on these ants can instantly kill them. And this includes those ants hiding underneath their possible colonies. 

However, remember that it’s not enough to kill off colonies though this is efficient. So I suggest treating each ant hole you see in your kitchen after pouring boiling water on it. With this, you’re killing and sealing them off for good.

 🐜 Ground Cayenne or Black Pepper

how to get rid of kitchen ants naturally - cayenne pepper

These particular ground peppers repel ants very well as they’re strong and last for a while. But cayenne pepper is a better choice as it has a more significant impact on kitchen ants. Either way, the application is the same for both as all you need to do is sprinkle. 

Look for the source of the kitchen ant infestation issue first. After, simply sprinkle your preferred ground pepper on the same area. This should do the trick, and ants should be running away from your kitchen. 

However, I recommend creating a wall of pepper for the best results. Doing this stops ants from going near your kitchen. 

If you don’t want to be messy, you can create a pepper and water solution. From there, you can spray the affected areas, and these ants should be gone in no time. 

Also, I should mention that though this is an excellent deterrent, cayenne and black pepper can’t directly kill ants. So if you’re looking for a permanent ant-killing solution, this isn’t it.  

 🐜 Use Chalk

If you’re not keen on using food items to get rid of kitchen ants, you can always use chalk. Regular chalk consists of calcium carbonate, which is a potent ant deterrent. And so, drawing with chalk across affected areas should keep kitchen ants away. 

Moreover, you can spray some crushed chalk in the entry points of these ants. Doing this deters ants from entering your kitchen and overall home permanently. 

Aside from this, practice this with caution as chalks can be hazardous to kids. Keep the drawings or powder to a minimum. 

 🐜 Have Fun with Cinnamon

 cinnamon sticks

Whether powdered or in cloves, cinnamon is a great natural ant deterrent. I recommend placing the cloves or sprinkling cinnamon powder on entry points. Doing this not only gets rid of kitchen ants, but it can also leave your home smelling sweet, fresh, and earthy! 

Although the reason is unclear, many have chosen cinnamon as an efficient DIY ant control method.

Most believe that cinnamon can act as a natural repellent due to its potent and robust odor. Either way, cinnamon is an excellent non-toxic remedy any homeowner can do.

Finally, add cinnamon essential oil to its natural power for the best results. It makes the spice’s scent even stronger, keeping kitchen ants at bay. 

 Alternatives to Getting Rid of Kitchen Ants

If the natural home remedies don’t work for you, you might need something more robust. Here are other proven alternatives you can try in removing ants in your kitchen: 

  • Plant bait traps on affected areas in your kitchen. These contain high concentrations of pesticides, killing ants instantly. Not to mention, they help you get rid of these pests without being messy. That’s why many homeowners choose this over sprays. 
  • Use commercial repellents. If you’re sensitive to chemicals, nontoxic commercial ant repellents are available. 
  • Hire an exterminator. When you’ve tried everything, and nothing works out, it’s time for the exterminator. But sticking to the theme, hire one that’s committed to using the least toxic methods possible. 

How to Prevent Ants From Invading Your Kitchen

Although getting rid of kitchen ants is easy to do at home, prevention is vital. Follow these tips and tricks to prevent ants from invading your home—and kitchen!

  • Always keep your kitchen clean. Never leave dirty dishes on your kitchen sinks for too long. After all, these are instant attractants to ants. And your sink can become an ant buffet if left unaddressed. 
  • Sweep and vacuum the kitchen. Doing these chores in the living room, bedroom, or hallways is normal, but don’t forget about the kitchen! After all, it’s the number one home of stray food crumbs. 
  • Wipe common surfaces. Although ants mainly focus on food, they also like sweet or sticky substances. And these are common on kitchen countertops, sinks, and tables. So always wipe down these places to prevent ants from invading your kitchen in the first place. 
  • Store food in fully-sealed containers. Like common household pests, storing food in air-tight containers can deter ants. After all, you’re restricting their access, steering them away from your kitchen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the fastest way to eliminate kitchen ants at home?

A: Using vinegar is the quickest way to get rid of kitchen ants. Although you can sprinkle some of it in the affected areas, I recommend diluting it with water. After all, vinegar can stick to surfaces, leaving a foul and potent odor. Luckily, this solution deters most ants even after drying off. 

Q: How can I deal with kitchen ants invading my cupboards?

A: You can make your kitchen cupboards unattractive to ants by coating any of their existing entry points with homemade repellents. There are several solutions to try, but I suggest sprinkling cinnamon powder. Not only is this simple to do, but it also works fast!

Q: Is using apple cider vinegar in eliminating kitchen ants a good idea?

A: Ants typically rely on scents to follow one another, and apple cider vinegar can hinder this. Using an apple cider vinegar solution lets you eliminate kitchen ants by disrupting their marching lines. And with continuous and regular application, you can halt any ant parade permanently. 

Q: What’s an effective and easy ant killer solution to make at home?

A: You can create a powerful ant killer solution at home by mixing regular dishwashing soap and water. It can stick to ants, suffocating them to death. And the best part is this solution can be easy to apply and remove. So you can use this on most surfaces of your home—even on your plants!

Q: Why do ants keep appearing in my kitchen?

A: Ants mostly explore different areas for food. So if you notice a sudden ant infestation in your kitchen, you’ve likely left some food to sit out for too long. Different foods attract more ants than others. However, the number one food source to watch out for is sugar. 

Final Thoughts

How to get rid of kitchen ants naturally? From planting mint plants to drawing chalk on countertops, there are many ways to eliminate kitchen ants at home. And though they can be challenging to get rid of, it is possible to do by yourself. But if nothing works out, don’t hesitate to call for professional exterminators.

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