Best Spatula For Carbon Steel Pan

How do you feel when you see a scratch on your carbon steel pan? Of course, you will feel terrible because a single scratch will destroy the smooth non-stick surface of your carbon steel pan. So you need to use appropriate cookware for such pans, especially spatulas. Nevertheless, the biggest nightmare is selecting the best spatula for carbon steel pan.

Take a few minutes and read this product review article on the best spatula for carbon steel pan. It has comprehensive information, which is a summary of extensive research. According to our in-depth analysis, they are five spatulas, including the best brand. The table below has a summary of these products.

GXONE Stainless Steel Spatula
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Zulay Kitchen Spatula Check Price
KLAQQED 2Pcs Wok Spatula Check Price
FJNATINH Wok spatula Check Price
GEEKHOM 2Pack Spatula Check Price

Top Five Best Spatulas For Carbon Steel Pan


OUR TOP PICK: GXONE Spatula- Stainless Steel

Product Name: GXONE Stainless Steel Spatula

Product Description: If you are looking for the best spatula for carbon steel pan, choose this one. It is a lightweight spatula of about 212 grams, making it easy to handle. The stainless steel is thick enough to withstand turning heavy food. Moreover, the quality of the steel is high and can handle the heat on the pan. This spatula is 14.7 inches long and 3.8 inches wide; these are the appropriate measurement for a good spatula. The whole surface is shaped well to avoid scratching the carbon steel pan. You can see that the spatula is long enough to protect you from burns. The spatula is also polished to the core, making it non-stick. This spatula has a perfect curvature to provide flexibility that will not rip the food as you turn. Moreover, the ergonomic handle is the best because it gives you enough grip and stability while working. Part of the handle has a small hole that allows you to store the spatula in your small kitchen easily. It is easy to wash this spatula because of its non-stick nature, and the best part is that it is dishwasher safe. Furthermore, this spatula can also be used on other pans, including cast iron pans, apart from carbon steel pans. Lastly, it is resistant to rust and other corrosive agents like cooking ingredients.


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  • Material
  • Ease to clean
  • Value of money


You will not be disappointed with our first choice because all features point to a happy chef. The material is a combination of stainless steel and some food-grade silicon. On the other hand, Stainless steel is for durability, while silicon is for heat resistance. Also, it is designed with a nice curve to avoid carbon steel pan scratches.
Talk about the 14 inches long and 4 inches wide to protect you from hot cooking oil and other hot stuff. Even the spatula itself is non-stick like the carbon pan making a perfect combination while working with them. Lastly, cleaning stress is not there because the spatula is dishwasher safe, and it is easy to store with a hollow handle.


Easy to wash and store
Long handle and a wide base
Appropriate curvature that prevents scratches on the pan
Durable and resistant to heat


Somehow expensive
The silicon is not safe for human consumption


Zulay Kitchen Spatula

The name suggests you add it to your kitchen utensil collection, and you will enjoy the company. It is a perfect tool for fry dishes because it is resistant to heat and is 14.8 inches long, giving you a safe distance from the heat. The best thing is that it has premium grade stainless steel, which is polished to create a shiny look.

As a result, the shiny nature also helps to reflect away the excess heat. The ergonomic handle is long and has an excellent grip for comfort while cooking. The base is designed to avoid scratching your carbon steel pan. Also, the base is wide to prevent splashing oil, and it will not rip the food when stir-frying.

The stainless steel gives you confidence in its durability and can lift or turn heavy dishes. The front edge of the spatula has a little bend upward that helps to scoop oil and food. Steel is heavy metal, however,  this spatula is manufactured with lightweight technology. It is less than 200 grams making it easy to flip and scoop food.

Kitchen space is a vital feature nowadays, and this spatula will save you storage stress because it has a hole for easy hanging. It is also easy to clean, and you can wash by hand or throw it in the dishwasher. Ensure you wipe the surface to bring out the mirror finish. And, of course, it is affordable for normal household use.

  • It is durable and heat resistant
  • 14.8 inch long to prevent heat burns
  • It is affordable
  • Easy to clean and store
  • It can be sticky
KLAQQED 2Pcs Wok Spatula

Get a 2pcs spatula at an affordable price when you choose this brand. One of the pieces is slotted, which is the best for deep frying. Both tools are made of stainless steel, which provides quality to them. They have a wooden handle which is perfect for anti-scalding, on the other hand, wood is also a poor conductor of heat, so your spatula will get hot when you use it for a long.

This spatula is 15 inches long, and you can see it is longer than the two other spatulas, so you will not get any heat burns. Surely, this is the best spatula for a carbon steel pan because of the smooth base with a perfect curvature for a non-stick pan. They can withstand high temperatures and are flexible enough for long work hours.

Both flippers do not produce any bad smell or toxic components when cooking. You will never see food sticking on these spatulas because of the smooth surface. They ensure you get the best cooking experience and a professional cooking environment. The edges have appropriate curves that allow you to slide beneath the dish without destroying the shape.

These spatulas are resistant to stains hence easy to wash. Consequently, the non-stick nature does not allow food to accumulate, making them easy to clean by hand. You can use a dishwasher when you do not have time to wash by hand. Finally, you can easily store these spatulas because they have holes for hanging.

  • Easy to wash and store
  • Do not allow food to accumulate
  • Designed to easily slide underneath the food
  • They are durable and reliable
  • The wood on the handle can easily break
  • You cannot buy a single spatula
FJNATINH Wok Spatula

This is a Chinese three-piece spatula with 304 stainless steel. All spatulas have different bases, starting with a shovel base, the slotted base, and the deep base. They have a 17-inch handle, and about 4 inches is wood. The wood is on the end of the handle where you hold. Steel gives the spatulas the strength to flip and carry heavy food stuffs.

The wood on the handle has a hole for easy storage. This spatula is 100% resistant to heat, and it will not release toxic fumes when cooking. Your meal will remain delicious because the spatula does not react with food. Their anti-oxidation material makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. Moreover, one spatula can weigh about 370 grams which is not that heavy.

These spatulas can work on any wok pan like cast iron, carbon steel, and kitchen work. They are easy to clean by hand and also dishwasher safe. This three-piece makes the perfect combination for scooping, flipping, and stirring dishes. The long handle can go deep under your food, giving you an adequate safe distance.

The shovel spatula is the best for flipping and delivering food on your plate. And the slotted one is for deep frying because the slots or holes allow oil to pass. In the end, we have the one with a deep base, which is perfect for soup or small round foods. This is the best spatula for a carbon steel pan and the perfect gift for your mother.

This brand has a quick response to customer care service, and you will get the hotlines on the package box or online on their website.

  • You will get a variety of spatulas
  • It has anti-oxidation and non-corrosive material
  • Strong for heavy foods
  • Long enough to flip without damaging the shape
  • The whole set is expensive
  • The wooden handle can easily break under excess pressure
GEEKHOM 2 Pack Spatula

This is a two-pack spatula made of silicon; silicon is on the handle and the blade. Silicon is known to withstand high temperatures up to 600F. On the other hand, silicon also has low heat conductivity, protecting your hand from burns and preventing melting. Moreover, the silicone is of food-grade quality, so it will not release dangerous matter into your food.

The spatula is flexible and lightweight, but the internal core has stainless steel, making it strong to carry and flip heavier foods. It is a two-pack whereby one of the sets is slotted, as a result, the slotted spatula is perfect for frying eggs and flipping burgers. A beginner or a pro can enjoy using this spatula because of its easy-to-handle nature.

The handle has an insulator to prevent you from heat burns. There is a hanging hole that helps you save kitchen space. Moreover, a curved thumb grip allows comfort and perfect stability.

Everyone should have a healthy spatula for cooking, and this one is the best you can get. It is easy to clean and does not accumulate stains. These spatulas are easy to clean, and brand ambassadors recommend you clean them by hand. The set has a two years warranty and great customer care services.

  • They are heat resistant and flexible
  • They have an insulator to prevent burns and injuries.
  • The handle is curved for a great grip
  • They are non-stick spatulas
  • They are costly
  • Silicon is not a safe cooking material

How To Choose The Best Spatula For Carbon Steel Pan

1. Durability and material

The best spatula for carbon steel pan has to be strong enough to carry and flip heavy foods. Stainless steel and silicon are the best durable materials you can choose. Steel is resistant to corrosive agents and rust. Silicon is also resistant to high temperatures and will not melt or break. However, you have to choose a thick piece of silicon or steel, or else the spatula can break.

Experts say you have to flex the spatula back and forth to look for weak spots. On average, a spatula for carbon steel pan should stay for five years.

2. Design and curvature

The curvature of a spatula for carbon steel pan is very important; because the curve will determine if the spatula will scratch the pan. Carbon steel pans are non-stick pans that must be maintained with a perfect spatula. The design also helps you slide the spatula underneath the food and turn it easily.

Also, choose a design that can allow you to scoop food or oil easily. Spatulas with slightly bent edges are perfect for such jobs. Select a spatula with a slotted base or has holes on the base if you want to use it for deep frying.

3. Flexibility

A good spatula should be flexible enough to give you precision and maneuverability. However, a flexible spatula must also be thick to not break under pressure. Ensure it has adequate content of steel or silicon. A flexible spatula will not disturb the shape of the food when turning, for example, when frying an egg.

4. Easy to clean and store

Easy to clean spatula is non-stick. This means that it will not accumulate food pellets and oil on the surface. Research shows that polished stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean because of their non-stick nature. A spatula with holes for hanging is easy to store. Such spatula will save on your kitchen space and give room for other utensils.

5. The handle and the flipper sizes

The best spatula for carbon steel pan must be lengthy to avoid burns and has a wide flipper to handle most types of food. A good handle length should range between 14 inches and 18 inches. And an excellent flipper should be about 3 inches wide. A long and wide flipper can go deep under the food to avoid destroying the shape.

An ergonomic handle has a comfortable feel on your hand; hence you can use such spatulas for long hours. It is best to choose a spatula with an insulated handle that has the perfect grip to avoid slipping and causing more accidents in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use a wooden spatula on a carbon steel pan?

Yes, you can; wooden spatulas are the best for such types of pans because they do not scratch the non-stick surface. However, wooden spatulas can easily burn under high temperatures, and they are not flexible.

Q: Can you use a non-stick spatula on a cast iron pan?

Professional chefs advise that you use the non-stick spatula on a non-stick pan. Cast iron pans have rough surfaces that can scratch the smooth non-stick spatula. Try your best and use such spatulas on non-stick cookware for a long-time benefit.

Q: Are silicone spatulas safe to prepare human food?

Yes, you can use silicon spatulas as long as you see it has a BPA-free silicone mark. Many people prefer silicone spatulas because they are heat resistant and have low heat conductivity.

Q: Can a flexible spatula be strong?

A spatula’s flexibility and durability are important factors to consider while selecting a spatula. But these factors cancel out each other because a flexible spatula is thin and cannot carry or flip heavy foods. However, nowadays, there are thin spatulas with high steel content, making them super strong and flexible.

Q: What is the difference between a carbon steel pan and a cast iron pan?

The difference is in the content of the carbon element. Both pans have carbon, but the carbon steel pan has only one percent of carbon element, making it lighter and smoother than the can iron pan.

Wrapping Up

All of the above products are spatulas for carbon steel pans. Starting with the best choice to the last runners-up has features related to the best spatula for carbon steel pan. They all have appropriate material and curvature that prevents scratches on the smooth carbon steel pan. Do not forget the affordable prices and reasonable warranty terms.

In conclusion, please buy our first choice; we have done adequate research on the product and deduced that it is the best spatula for carbon steel pan. Just click on the button and purchase it directly from Amazon.

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