Best Kitchen Mat For Hardwood Floor

Do you want to add aesthetics to your kitchen hardwood floor with a mat? Indeed, it is the perfect idea for a modern kitchen with a shiny hardwood floor. A kitchen mat will ensure your expensive floor stays for many years and creates comfort for users. However, the roadblock is choosing the best kitchen mat for hardwood floor.

Some genius brains took their time and resources to develop this product review article. It is a review on the best kitchen mat for hardwood floor. You will get six products with detailed features and reasons you should consider them. Look at the buying guide and compare it to each product. The table below summarizes the six best kitchen mats for hardwood floor.

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Are Kitchen Mats Worth It?

A kitchen mat is expensive and can be costly to purchase and maintain. But the big question is whether it is worth purchasing and maintaining a kitchen mat. Below are the benefits of having a kitchen mat or rug.

1. Increase aesthetics in the kitchen

Many homeowners focus on the aesthetics in the living room, but it is also essential to look at your kitchen. A kitchen mat will make your kitchen look excellent, especially at the kitchen entrance. Your guests will love the cozy and remarkable appearance in your kitchen with a welcoming feeling. Some kitchen mats come in stylish designs for an extraordinary look.

2. Adds some comfort and warmth

Walking directly on a hardwood floor can be very uncomfortable, and using a kitchen mat will add some softness to your feet. It will feel like walking on a cotton pile, and the soft texture adds comfort. On the other hand, hardwood floors quickly lose heat, but the kitchen mat can insulate the floor and reduce the cost of heating the kitchen floor.

3. Reduces noise

Cooking is a process that has continuous movements, and an empty hardwood floor can release a lot of noise. Using a kitchen mat will absorb the noise from the hardwood floor, making your kitchen quieter to walk on. A mat will make your cooking space a silent and relaxing with the quiet environment.

4. Adds some grip

Hardwood floors in the kitchen can be slippery hence dangerous. This is not a good situation for children and adults, leading to injuries and bad burns. Use a kitchen mat to add grip on the floor. An area mat near the sink can be essential, especially when washing utensils. Also, place a mat under the portable kitchen furniture to prevent sliding.

5. Protects the floor

The hardwood kitchen floor looks perfect when new and requires a lot of commitment to maintain it. However, a kitchen mat will help you care for your hardwood floor for many years. The mat will prevent direct scratches from foot traffic. Moreover, it will also protect the floor from kitchen furniture and moisture.

Best Kitchen Mat For Hardwood Floor-Top Six Pick


OUR TOP PICK: ComLife Kitchen Mat-Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

Product Name: ComLife Kitchen Mat-Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

Product Description: This is the best kitchen mat for hardwood floor because it has a quality material with high density. It is about ¾ inches thick that provides comfort on the knees and legs while standing. You can cook for extended periods because the mat has adequate cushioning for your legs. The material also provides static energy that adds heat and warmth to the floor. This kitchen mat is said to be professionally engineered with a non-slip bottom that can resist strains. It is durable and can withstand any force, including furniture pulls and tears. Choose this mat if you want a mat that is easy to move around the kitchen. You can find it in various shapes, designs, and sizes, then choose one that can suit your kitchen. It is an easy-to-clean kitchen mat, it only requires periodic vacuum cleaning, and you can do a thorough cleaning once in a while. Research shows that this brand of kitchen mat is trusted globally due to its perfect designs and durability. You are assured of a lifetime warranty and a 100% replacement guarantee. Yes, it is a kitchen mat, but you can also use it in other rooms in your house or office. It fits nicely around the desk and coffee table in the living room. The best part is that it is resistant to water and pungent smells. Moreover, it resists mold and mildew, which are very stubborn in the kitchen environment. This kitchen mat will not be affected by ultraviolet rays hence resistant to yellowing.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Comfort
  • Ease to Clean
  • Durability


Indeed, this is the best kitchen mat for hardwood floors. It is highly engineered with almost one-inch thickness for comfortable legs and knees. You will be able to work for long hours without fatigue, and the softness also adds warmth. In short, this kitchen mat is resistant to water, yellowing, and ultraviolet rays.
Apart from the kitchen, you can use this mat in high-traffic areas and other comfortable spaces. You will never get pungent smells from the mat, and it can resist molds and mildew. The non-slip traction at the bottom is also suitable for children and pets around the kitchen.


Reduces stress on the muscles and joints
It is resistant to water and bad smells
It has an anti-microbiological surface that resists molds
An assured lifetime warranty


Slightly too soft for some users
The price is above average


Delxo 2-Piece Kitchen Mat

If you want the best kitchen mat for hardwood floor, consider selecting this brand. It is a two-piece set of 17” X48” and 17” X24”, perfect for any kitchen space. In addition, both kitchen mats are about 0.7 inches thick, the best cushion for your feet. This mat will suit all kitchen, laundry rooms, and office standing areas.

The microfiber technology makes the mat super absorbent; hence it will quickly absorb water and oils from the surface. Furthermore, this mat will protect your hardwood floor from water and other damaging agents. Your hardwood floor will be free of scratches and humid rots. And the a non-slip bottom that gives an adequate grip.

The mat is made of durable material that will not come apart even with scratches from pets and firm foot rubs. In addition, it is a machine washable kitchen mat which in turn reduces the cleaning workload. You can also hand wash the mat and dry it in low temperatures. The excellent 1200 knit will make it look new after every wash.

It is easy to maintain this kitchen mat as long as you keep the bottom side dry and clean. In case of any questions, contact the fast response customer care team. Best of all, the material can hide stains and resist bad smells. It can also handle high traffic areas in the kitchen including sun rays.

  • Quickly absorbs water and oils
  • It is resistant to stains and scratches
  • Perfect grip for hardwood floors
  • Quick customer care response
  • It is made of high-quality material, which in turn makes the kitchen mat expensive
MontVoo 2-Piece Kitchen Mat

You can call it the best kitchen mat for hardwood floor because the backing has a rubber that provides grip. I recommend this kitchen mat when you want the anti-skid mat for the cooking area. Imagine it is lightweight but cannot move around the floor because of the bottom’s high-quality rubber.

This kitchen mat will protect your hardwood floor from oils, dampness, and stains. It will also absorb food and water spills and resist stains. With this kitchen mat, you will increase the aesthetics in your cooking area because it is made of polypropylene. You can get this mat is several colors and styles.

Enjoy cleaning this kitchen mat in a washing machine, or choose to hand wash in slightly warm water. The brand kings advise you to place it in a laundry bag if you choose to clean it with a washing machine. Also, vacuum the carpet every day or just shake it to remove loose particles. Besides the kitchen, you can use the mat in your bathroom and home office.

This environmentally-friendly kitchen mat does not produce toxic fumes, and the material is biodegradable. Get a lifetime warranty on your mat and a gift when you purchase thee sets.

  • Resistant to stains, water, and oils
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • The rubber backing protects your knees and feet
  • It is suitable for many environments
  • It is expensive
  • It can get pierced if you walk on it with sharp objects
Joybest Kitchen Mat

This PVC kitchen mat comes in different sizes but in a rectangular shape. It is perfect for large kitchen spaces and is best for long hours of standing. Moreover, you will have great support for your spine and knees. The PVC material is eco-friendly, and it will maintain its shape for many years to come.

Do you want a waterproof kitchen mat? Select this brand, and you will also get an oil-proof feature. It is a safe kitchen mat because of the non-slip bottom that also keeps it in place. However, ensure you place the kitchen mat on a dry hardwood floor; this is a care and maintenance tip.

The lychee pattern will make the kitchen mat a perfect home decoration. And can also be a great mat in your office, farmhouse, and laundry room. Waterproof nature makes the mat easy to clean, just wipe the surface with a wet cloth or use a vacuum cleaner. It is a durable mat and has been reliable for many years. Indeed, this can be the perfect gift for friends and family.

PVC is resistant to mold and mildew, which are toxic in the kitchen. The soft texture will keep your bare feet warm for long hours. Most of the time, you will find vintage designs, and you can order a custom-made one.

  • Waterproof and oil-proof
  • Comes in many designs and sizes
  • It has a non-slip bottom
  • It is comfortable and anti-fatigue
  • It is not machine washable
HEBE Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mat

This is a two-piece kitchen mat. The anti-fatigue nature makes it the best kitchen mat for hardwood floors. You will get a 17” X48” mat, and the other one is 17” X28”. Both kitchen mats are 0.4 inches thick that provide excellent support on your feet when you stand for long hours. They will make a domestic and commercial kitchen look excellent.

A hardwood floor is a smooth surface, so you need kitchen mats with non-slip backing. They also have PVC foam resistant to water and other oily stuff. With these kitchen mats, you will also get a durable and value of money back. Use the smaller piece as the kitchen entrance mat while the big one can be around the cooking area.

You will have an easy time cleaning these kitchen mats because the PVC material is light and stain-resistant. Simply use a damp cloth or sponge and wipe the mats or choose to use a vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, you can use these mats in the office, and they are perfect for a desk area. The beautiful drawings and art on the mat make them look warm and inviting.

  • They are easy to clean
  • Made with high-quality PVC material
  • Have beautiful art and flower pattern
  • Suited for multiple areas in your house
  • Not machine washable
  • Somehow expensive
KMAT 2-Piece Kitchen Mat

This is also a two-pack kitchen mat made from PVC material. It is a safe set of PVC material because it is phthalate-free and latex-free. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and constructed with premium material. With these mats, you will not be worried about losing their shape, and they are heavy enough to stop moving around the floor.

I am not wrong when I call this kitchen mat an anti-fatigue rug because of the cushion that can improve blood circulation. You can stand for long hours while cooking and are recommended for other professions like hair stylists. The rubber material underneath the mats prevents them from sliding and adds grip.

This is the best kitchen mat for hardwood floors because it is waterproof and resistant to mold. You will achieve great durability and extra comfort from these kitchen mats. They come in a neutral color, perfect for most kitchen spaces and offices. Use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the rugs. The best option is to use a vacuum cleaner.

  • They are multipurpose
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • They offer extra grip on the floor
  • They are waterproof and stain-resistant
  • They are costly
  • Not machine washable

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Mat For Hardwood Floor

1. Size

The size of the kitchen mat will depend on the floor space available. So, measure the floor and select an appropriate kitchen mat. A standard kitchen mat is about 2 feet by 3 feet, but you can combine them to cover more space. The sink area mats are easy to measure and identify.

However, a runner kitchen mat can be challenging to measure. Professionals say that you measure the floor space for the runner mat and subtract a few inches on the sides. Doing so will create space between the runner and the cabinets. On the other hand, a kitchen mat under the dining table should be a few inches bigger than the table.

2. Material

Polypropylene and PVC are the best material for kitchen mats. This is because they do not absorb spills and are resistant to water. In the same context, such kitchen mats are also easy to clean. PVC material is also perfect for scratching pets like dogs and cats because the fibers are resistant to scratches and tears.

Also, consider choosing flat-weave kitchen mats than the higher piles, and you will have an easy time maintaining them. Always read the care and maintenance instruction before buying a kitchen mat, ensure you can incorporate the necessary effort. You can also place cotton, sisal, and jute mats in the kitchen, but they are perfect in small spaces like under the dishwasher.

3. Weight and floor grip

It is annoying and dangerous to stand on a floor mat that frequently moves around. Select a kitchen mat that has an adequate grip on the hardwood floor. Ensure the mat has a non-slip pad at the bottom. Also, the mat’s weight maintains the grip on the floor; lightweight mats easily move around and can cause accidents.

4. Comfort

For comfort, you have to consider the thickness of the mat. On average, a mat thicker than 0.4 inches is comfortable and can provide adequate support to your feet and spine. Sink area mats must be comfortable to allow you to stand for long hours while cooking and washing utensils. A thick kitchen mat can also be perfect for other sectors like barbershops.

5. The design and color

Consider choosing a kitchen mat that suits you and your décor. Ensure the color matches the general look in your kitchen. Mix and match the designs to bring out a specific theme; for example, choose a kitchen mat with fruits art to match the kitchen environment. Avoid using a solid-color mat in a lighter display because it will easily show stains.

6. Ease to clean

This is a complex consideration because it can cancel out other top considerations. For example, most kitchen mats that are comfortable are hard to clean. PVC is waterproof and oil-proof, which makes it the easiest material to clean. You only require a damp cloth and wipe the surface. Try to use a vacuum cleaner for better results.

Nowadays, we have more straightforward kitchen mats that you can clean in the washing machine. However, such kitchen mats are very expensive and not durable because the washing machine destroys the fibers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you machine-wash a PVC kitchen mat?

Yes, you can, although it is not advisable because you can easily damage the PVC fibers reducing the durability. Use a vacuum cleaner or wipe with a damp sponge and air in a low heat area.

Q: How frequently should I clean a kitchen mat?

Cleaning a kitchen mat depends on the time you have on your schedule. If you have adequate time, clean the mat at least three times a week. Those without time can clean on the weekend. Nevertheless, you have to vacuum or shake the mat every day to prevent the loose particles from accumulating.

Q: What is the maximum useful life of a kitchen mat?

Research shows that a kitchen mat is supposed to stay for 3 to 5 years. However, it depends on how you maintain and care for your mat. Always clean it appropriately and avoid sharp objects while on the mat. Also, have several sets of mats so that you exchange them after every week.

Q: Can I air a kitchen mat directly under the sun?

UV rays from the sun are not good for your skin but are the best for your kitchen mat. The rays will kill bacteria that might develop under the mat and eliminate the fibers’ dampness. So air your kitchen mat once in a while under the sun.

Q: Is it possible to waterproof a kitchen mat at home?

Yes, technology has brought us waterproofing sprays for kitchen mats. First, clean the kitchen mat and apply the waterproofing spray under the shade. It is also good to apply the anti-oils sprays, and you will have a stain-resistant kitchen mat.


The above stated best kitchen mat for hardwood floor will ensure comfort and excellent cooking experience. All of the six kitchen mats above are perfect and durable because of the quality material and excellent weaving technology. In addition, most of the brands have warranties of up to two years and fast response customer care.

In conclusion, our first choice is the best kitchen mat for hardwood floor with all the necessary features on the buying guide. The other five products are also great and possess about 70% of the buying guide.

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