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Have you ever experienced the corn on the cob remover? If yes, you know how easy it is to peel kernels from the cob. Traditionally, the knife was the only tool for this type of job, and it was slow with various injuries. The blade cannot handle dry corn on the cob, and your knife can quickly become dull.

Nowadays, there is various corn on the cob removers brands, but selecting the best is challenging. This is why you need this article, and it has a comprehensive explanation of the top five corn on the cob removers. The table below will give you a brief description and a link to check the price on Amazon.

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Benefits Of Corn On The Cob Remover

Time and safety

Traditionally people used the knife to remove corn on the cob. But the knife was a dangerous tool that could easily slide and cause a bad injury. The corn on the cob remover has screens and long handles that prevent injuries. Only experienced cooks could use the knife, but the corn remover is user-friendly even to kitchen beginners.

You will also save a lot of time because the corn remover is very fast and more efficient than the knife. Research shows it will take about thirty seconds to remove corn on the cob with the corn stripper.

Easy to clean and store

Corn on the cob remover is a new kitchen tool. And many people are scared of cleaning disadvantages of a new kitchen tool. However, most corn strippers are easy to clean, including some are dishwasher safe. The best thing is that most corn strippers are small enough and do not take up a lot of storage space.

You will use extra bowls and silverware when using a knife to strip corn. But the corn on the cob remover comes with an attached bowl or compartment that holds the corn. This will save you the time and pain of using washing bowls.

Best Corn On The Cob Removers-Top 5 Picks


OUR TOP PICK: Magic Corn Peeler-Stainless Steel

Product Name: Magic Corn Peeler

Product Description: If you want the safest corn on the cob remover, choose a magic corn peeler. It is a simple tool with stainless steel. It uses an easy push and pull technique to peel corn on the cob. The serrated and sharp blades will ensure a successful peeling process. The serrated blades can be adjusted to strip several cornrows. The stainless steel makes this tool durable and reliable. The blade and the handle will not break due to excess force while stripping. It is resistant to wear and tear and other corrosion problems. The whole system is clipped and aligned to prevent bending and breaking down. The handle is also stainless steel and well polished for a perfect grip. If you have a problem cleaning dishes, do not worry when you have this device. It is easy to clean and also dishwasher safe. Make sure you wipe the water on the blades before storage to prevent rust. It quickly and easily cuts through the corn making it suitable for restaurant and home use.

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  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility


The serrated blades and the stainless steel make this corn on the cob remover the most convenient on the market today. It can handle both the soft yellow and tough white corn without using extra force. The smooth stripping makes it perfect for large restaurants where quantity is important. The polished stainless steel makes the whole tool look great with the shiny surfaces. The handle is also comfortable with the non-slip ergonomic material. And the best part is how it is dishwasher safe.


Durable and resistant to corrosion

It is easy to clean

It has a comfortable ergonomic handle

Sharp serrated blades that make it easy to use


It does not come with a bowl compartment

Sometimes the blades bend and break


Fashion 888 Corn Stripper Cutter

This is triangular corn on the cob remover. It can strip dry or wet corn and separate the corn kernels from the cob without reducing the quality. The corn stripper is made of a super thick steel sheet, and there is adequate space inside to allow the corn to flow easily. Moreover, it uses spike technology to remove corn on the cob.

The inventor chose the triangular shape to add stress centers while working. It is also a good shape because it adds grip; hence peeling becomes smooth. It is also a safe tool because it does not have sharp blades and spikes. You will not injure yourself even if the stripper slides from your hands.

The spikes are serrated on both sides to remove all kernels from the cob. Each spike is reinforced and polished for easy cleaning. Use a long brush or toothbrush to clean the spikes and serrated ends. The main material is non-corrosive and does not rust. It is a small gadget that takes little space in your kitchen. Ensure you clean it before storage.

  • It is affordable
  • It is durable and reliable
  • It takes up little space
  • Easy to handle
  • Challenging to clean
  • The spikes easily break

Alltoly 2pcs Corn Peeler

As the name suggests, this is a corn peeler and stripper. They are two tools that do the same job. The first one is the corn peeler with blades and a handle to slide on the corn. Blades are very sharp hence making your work easier. Furthermore, the blades are also wide enough to peel several rows on the corn kernels.

The second tool is a yellow corn stripper. It is the round tool that you push corn through the center in a twisting motion. You can choose to push or pull from either end, and it will remove all corn without wastage. Both the corn stripper and peeler are easy to use due to their sharp teeth and blades.

These corn on the cob removers are made of 304 food grade stainless steel. With the two combinations, you can use these gadgets to prepare human food and save time and labor. The handles have anti-skid strips that make the handle smooth and prevent sliding when handling tough or dry corn.

They are two tools but will occupy little space in your kitchen. The corn peeler has a circular ring at the end of the handle to aid in hanging space. They are durable corn on the cob removers and can resist corrosion and rust agents like moisture. They are also easy to clean as long as you have the appropriate cleaning tools.

  • Have high-quality material
  • Two-piece tool will save on time and labor
  • They are easy to clean and store
  • They a non-slip handle that is comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • They are sold as a set hence expensive
  • The blades easily break

JKRS Corn Stripper

This is a 304 stainless steel corn stripper. All of the cob removers above do not have an attached collecting bowl or cup. But this one comes with a collecting cup hence saving on the cleaning pain of other bowls in the kitchen. The whole tool is easy to clean and also dishwasher safe.

It is simple to use because you push the corn through the stripper in a twisting movement, and it will collect in the cup below. The tool is easy to use, and anyone above seven years can handle it. It can peel either dry or wet corn. In addition, it has serrated teeth that strip the corn when you twist the surface.

It has a cup lid with a comfortable end; hence you will not hurt your palm when stripping. The whole exterior is polished stainless steel which makes it look appealing. It has adequate capacity to be used in restaurants and other big events. Experience shows that this corn on the cob remover can stay without corrosion and rust for many years.

  • It has an attached collecting cup
  • Adequate capacity for huge events
  • A comfortable cup lid for easy handling
  • A 304 health safe stainless steel
  • It is somehow expensive
  • The stripping teeth can become dull

EFYC Corn On The Cob Remover

Talk about a perfect design, then choose this corn on the cob remover. It is has a shape of a computer mouse to aid in handling. Simply run the device on the corn on cob, and the stainless steel blades underneath will separate the kernels from the cob. The blades are sharp enough to remove kernels from the dry cob.

Eighty percent of this gadget is made of premium plastic that is hard to resist wear and tear, including other deformations. Product research shows that this corn on the cob remover will save you time and energy. For example, you can strip two wet corn on the cob within thirty seconds and 45 seconds if it is dry cobs.

The plastic material is safe to prepare human food and easy to repair. You can easily disassemble the parts, then make necessary cleaning or repair and reassemble. It is dishwasher safe and does not require lubrication. It will save you on electricity costs because it does not use electric power. Make sure you rinse the device after every use for it to stay for long.

  • It comes in beautiful designs and shapes
  • It has durable material
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Easy to use hence saves time
  • Plastic is not good for human consumption
  • It can break when you use excessive force

How To Choose The Best Corn On The Cob Remover

1. Material

Corn on the cob remover is a tool that requires forces to use; hence a durable material is needed. Choose a device with hard material like stainless steel or heavy plastic. Stainless steel is the preferred material because it is also safe to prepare human food. Aluminum is another material on corn strippers, but it is more expensive than steel.

2. Ease to clean and repair

Select a corn on the cob remover that is easy to clean and repair. The stainless steel will also help; it is very easy to clean such material. Plastics are cheap but hard to clean because they are adhesive with dirt and oils. Any corn peeler that is easy to disassemble and assemble is easy to repair.

Choose a corn on the cob remover that is easy to repair with simple tools in your house. Most of the time, the blades wear out due to continuous use, and you can replace them. So ensure you select a brand that has spare parts.

3. Easy to use and store

The knife was a hard tool to peel corn on the cob, but with the invention of this gadget, you can strip several rows with one strike. A good corn on the cob remover must have sharp blades or spikes to handle hard and wet corn. Some extra features like the collecting cup will make the whole job much easier than before and save you time on washing bawls.

Also, select a corn stripper that is easy to store. Kitchen space can be an issue, but it can be stored in a small space when the device is small. Experts advise that hanging tools are much easier to store, so consider such gadgets.

4. Compatibility and reliability

Compatibility means that apart from stripping corn, this tool can do other jobs like stripping vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. You will save on space because one tool is multipurpose. But always clean the stripper before using it on another type of food.

On the other hand, reliability means a corn peeler that achieves the intended purpose. A good corn on the cob remover must ensure you are satisfied at the end of the stripping process. Ensure you get a perfect clean cob and clean kernels.

5. Price and extras

Ensure you select a corn on the cob remover whose price matches its features. Some brands exaggerate the price, and the product is of low quality. Such cases make the use not to enjoy the value of money. All of the above features contribute to the total selling price of the corn stripper. Material is the main factor that influences the price.

Also, choose a corn on the cob remover with extras like cleaning brushes and repair tools. Some even come with beautiful carrying and storage cases for portability. Good handle grip and color are also extras that you must consider.


There are no more injuries from the knife when you have a corn on the cob remover. But did you know the best corn on the cob remover? I have given you five devices to choose from, but I advise you to pick my top choice. The magic corn peeler is the appropriate device for your kitchen. It is easy to clean, durable with stainless steel and a comfortable ergonomic handle.

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