Best Cheese Grater For Mozzarella – Our Top 5

Whether you’re keen to graduate from grocery store grated cheese to something fresher and tastier, or you just require to improve your existing equipment, there are several excellent alternatives on the market. You can use a cheese grater.

To prevent clumping, many boxed grated and shredded cheeses are covered in cellulose. It’s usually a good idea to grate your own cheese so you may enjoy the freshness of each bite.

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Spring Chef - Professional Stainless Steel Box Cheese Grater Check Price
KitchenAid - Stainless Steel Box Cheese Grater with Detachable Storage Container Check Price
OXO - Good Grips Etched Coarse Cheese Grater Check Price
Cuisipro - Surface Glide Boxed Grater Check Price
Zulay Kitchen - Professional Cheese Grater Stainless Steel Check Price

Reasons Why you Should Grate your Own Cheese

It’s far quicker to purchase a bag of pre-shredded cheese, but many sources indicate that shredding at home is superior. 

As it turns out, there are some intriguing causes to grate your own cheese by hand.

➖ It Melts Easier

Preservatives such as potato starch are used in pre-grated cheese. Its purpose is to control the shreds from sticking together in the bag. 

That also implies they don’t melt as well together during cooking. And because freshly grated cheese is free of these chemicals, your bacon cheese dip will be less chunky and much softer.

➖ You get More Bang for your Buck

An 8 oz of cheese provides more grated shreds than an 8 oz package of pre-grated cheese, pushing it a far better alternative for those on tight funding or trying to get the most bang for their dollar. 

Remember that when you buy pre-grated cheese, you are paying a premium for the comfort.

➖ It is more Flavorful

Since freshly grated cheese contains no extra preservatives or chemicals, and because you’re shredding it right away, it will have a fresher, creamier flavor. And fewer additives are always a better choice.



OUR TOP PICK: Spring Chef - Professional Stainless Steel Box Cheese Grater

Product Name: Spring Chef - Professional Stainless Steel Box Cheese Grater

Product Description: You can neatly shred and slice mozzarella cheese with little effort. Make supper more fun by grating, slicing, and creating new dishes using cheeses. With this fantastic tool that is both efficient and long-lasting, you can shred a block of cheese in no time. This professional model has a contoured shape and is wider than other graters. It also enables for easier grating of cheese and soft foods, as well as a larger holding capacity. This one basic culinary utensil will vastly improve the flavor and texture of everything you create. With its four sides, it provides incredible versatility. Consider getting rid of all of your other graters and slicers to create a place for this.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Sharpness
  • Stability
  • Comfortability


Sharp Stainless Steel blades cut rapidly and provide neatly sliced and grated food. The reversible rubber base maintains you safe by preventing slipping and gliding on your counter, chopping board, or plate. It also keeps food from escaping from the bottom of the grater, which means less mess to clean up.


Easy to clean
Stainless steel


The handle may come off if it falls


KitchenAid - Stainless Steel Box Cheese Grater with Detachable Storage Container

This KitchenAid Gourmet Box Grater makes grating foods and cheeses simple and mess-free.

This box grater has a stainless steel top handle for added grip, as well as a grating surface and slicing blade made of great quality, rust-resistant stainless steel. 3-cup container rigs inside the box grater to capture the grated or sliced food.

The container contains 1/2-cup, 1-cup, 1 1/2-cup, and 2-cup capacity marks. Allows for accurate grating measurements in any recipe. It is dishwasher safe for fast and simple cleanup.

  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable to use
  • High-quality material
  • Too big
OXO - Good Grips Etched Coarse Cheese Grater

The OXO Good Grips Etched Coarse Grater is ideal for making semi-soft cheese shavings and other things.

The etched stainless steel surface maintains its sharpness and speeds up any grating activity. The non-slip feet and smooth, ergonomic handle make even the most tedious chore virtually simple, and the handy cover protects the surface while not in use.

And because of the rubber handle, you can simply maintain a firm grasp when using this. This item may also be cleaned in the dishwasher. thus you don’t have to be concerned if you don’t want to clean it with your hands

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comfortable to use
  • Sharp
  • It is not very sturdy
Cuisipro - Surface Glide Boxed Grater

With this Cuisipro four-sided box grater with Surface Glide Technology, you can grate more with less effort.

The Surface Glide Technology sharpens and increases the productivity of stainless steel blades. There are five grating surfaces on the grater. Fine, coarse, and ultra-coarse, as well as a slicer and a bonus shredder.

The grater’s non-slip handle makes it simple to operate, and the detachable base provides stability. It also features calibrated, dry measurement units on the side to help you get the exact quantity.

It contains grooves that minimize resistance and make grating cheese simpler. You can now effortlessly manage enormous amounts of cheese.

  • Easy to clean
  • Sharp
  • Stable
  • It is dangerous for children to use
Zulay Kitchen - Professional Cheese Grater Stainless Steel

The Zulay Kitchen Cheese Grater is composed of high-quality 18/0 stainless steel, which assures quick and effective grating while also giving comfort when in use.

This easily grates any cheese. This cheese grater has a soft thermoplastic rubber handle for a stable, non-slip grip. It features a robust frame that can withstand a lot of strain without bending and may be positioned on a firm surface for leverage.

It includes top-grade razor-sharp stainless steel blades that make all shredding and grating operations simple. There will be no more trying to shred hard cheeses or veggies.

You may now replace your old-fashioned box grater, which is difficult to clean and takes up a lot of room. Now, with this handheld flat grater, you can save a lot of time and work by simply washing it under running water or in the dishwasher.

  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable grip
  • Affordable
  • Too small

Several Kinds of Cheese Graters

🧀 The Handheld Cheese Grater

Most of us are familiar with portable graters. It’s paddle-shaped, and shredding is only possible on one side. This flat grater, unlike a box grater, just has one size of the hole. 

They’re big and pointy, as you’ve probably discovered if you’ve ever put your fingers too close to them. One feature that many appreciate about these shredders is that you can position them on top of a bowl so that whatever you’re shredding falls straight into it. 

Many hand graters include rubber on the sides to offer traction and keep them from slipping when used in this manner. And because they are so thin, these graters are ideal for compact, space-saving storage.

🧀 The Microplane Cheese Grater

Since rasp graters are long and thin, they are frequently confused with zesters. A rasp grater can be used to zest. But it’s most commonly used to grate Parmesan cheese or similar hard, aged cheese. 

Ginger is an ideal addition to stir-fries and salads for a little more zing. But first, you’ll need to grate it, and a Microplane grater is ideal for the job. 

This Parmesan cheese grater’s thin shape and tiny holes make it exceptionally easy to use no matter how you wish to use it.

🧀 The Box Grater

Box graters feature four sides, each with a different size of the hole. Typically, one of the sides is suitable for slicing. I prefer these graters since they are free-standing, making them easier to manage than portable graters. 

When working with hard cheeses like Mozzarella or cheddar, a boxed grater is an excellent choice. Some individuals use this kitchen tool to grate chocolate for indulgent desserts or chop butter for biscuits. 

The sole disadvantage of box graters is that they take up more space than other varieties. The restricted space is a place where you cannot put it.

🧀 The Spice Grater

A spice grater resembles a rasp grater but is much narrower. The tiny holes on spice graters allow for greater precision in cutting while also making it more difficult to injure your fingers in the process. 

Freshly grated spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, may completely modify the flavor of baked products and other foods.

🧀 The Rotary Cheese Grater

If you don’t have the correct equipment, shredding dry, hard cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano may be a chore. This is where a rotary grater comes in to help remove the tedium out of the job. 

The fact that you do not move the cheese down the grater distinguishes this cheese cutter. Instead, the blade revolves around the cheese. The cheese is pressed against the drum blade by a revolving crank. Shredding is quick and easy using a rotary grater. 

One fantastic method to utilize these graters is to construct a tiny cheese garnish for pasta meals, similar to what you’d get in premium restaurants.

The Proper Method to Use a Cheese Grater

Many home cooks avoid using cheese graters because they might be untidy. While you can still grind cheese without a grater, nothing beats the convenience of this fantastic kitchen item. 

After reading this section, you will understand how to utilize it correctly.

👍 Acquire a Firm Hold on your Cheese Grater

You must have a firm grip on your cheese grater. A slick handle is a recipe for catastrophe. That is why choosing an ergonomic model that is comfortable to grasp is the best option. 

Except with box graters, this isn’t normally a major issue with most cheese graters. If you find it difficult to use yours while standing straight, there’s a hack that can come in handy. 

Place the box grater on its side, with the holes you’ll be using facing up. Then, horizontally and sideways, move your cheese block. You’ll obtain properly grated cheese with less risk of injury.

👍 Firmly Grasp the Cheese

No matter what sort of grater or method you choose, you’ll always need a solid grip on the cheese. 

When using a box grater, I recommend utilizing huge blocks of cheese. It’s simply more convenient to prevent shaving your knuckles this way.

👍 Consider Chilling your Cheese

It also helps to freeze your cheese block, especially if you want to shred milder cheeses. When you start grating, it will help them harden up and remain together. 

This implies you’ll have slightly of a mess to clean up later. And the cheese shreds will be more evenly sized. Freezing the cheese for twenty minutes will do the trick.

👍 Use the Best Grater Plate for the Job

Microplane cheese graters and rotary graters are the easiest to operate and come with a grating plate. In other words, you can’t pick the scope of the shreds. 

Box graters, on the other hand, are completely another scenario. And this advice is designed for them. Remember that you may always spray the dishes with cooking spray to assist the cheese not adhering to them.

Unusual Ways to Use a Grater Aside than Cheese

Photo Credits: My Recipes

Graters aren’t just for grating cheese. This grater is ideal for any kitchen cooking activity. With these innovative tips, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your grater.

❕ Grated Butter

When constructing a handmade pie crust, butter is the most significant component, and the texture of the crust is one of the most crucial aspects of the pie. 

Thin flakes of butter are ideal for the flakiest pie crust. Our solution: Toss tiny chunks of butter with flour using a coarse grater.

❕ Homemade Breadcrumbs

Using a cheese grater, make your own handmade breadcrumbs. Utilizing the coarse side of the Box Grater, shred the bread into pea-size pieces. 

Crumbles are ideal for toasting. The grater’s base is an ideal place for the mess to stick.

❕ Tomatoes for Sauce

To shred tomatoes for a sauce, utilize the coarse surface of the Box Grater. Nothing beats homemade sauce for your next pasta dish.

❕ Zesting Citrus

Do you have a recipe that requires lemon zest? To obtain fine, pith-free zest, use a Zester. The Grater makes it simple to zest right over a meal.

❕ Grated Vegetables

You may use a grater to help break down bigger veggies into shreds. The crisp, engraved stainless steel grating surface enhances your produce’s production.

❕ Grated Chocolate

To make any dessert look good, you can add chocolate shavings. It appears to take a long time, yet it just takes a second. Using a cheese grater, easily grate your favorite chocolate.

❕ Shredding Apples

Shred apples for sweets or a delectably spiced apple shrub. Get even more creative ways to use up your apples.

Cleaning a Cheese Grater

So you’ve grated some delectable, hearty cheese onto your dish. Now you’re gazing at the cheese grater, knowing you need to clean it but dreading the task. 

Nobody likes cleaning a clogged grater, but it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or complicated chore.

🟢 Immediately Rinse the Grater

Nothing simplifies cleaning your cheese grater like washing it immediately after use. The more extended the cheese shreds get to set, the tougher it will be to remove them off the metal plate. 

And, while it may be the last thing you want to do before sitting down to a homecooked supper, future-you will be grateful.

🟢 Soak your Cheese Grater

If you didn’t immediately rinse the grater, soak it. In a large container, combine a few drops of liquid soap with hot water and immerse your cheese shredder. 

Allow it to rest for about forty minutes to allow the firm cheese to soften.

🟢 Give it a Good Scrub

After the soak, use a firm brush to scrape off the shredded cheese. A dry scrub brush or even an old toothbrush might be used. It will work as long as the strands are coarse and rough. 

Furthermore, there are additional kitchen items that can be cleaned with this type of brush. So keep one on hand at all times. Remember to scrape both the top and bottom of the grating plate.

🟢 Solution of Dish soap, White Vinegar, and Lemon Juice

Even the greatest stainless steel cheese graters might get dyes from time to time. 

If yours has seen better days, you may clean rid of those old cheese streaks by sprinkling some liquid dish detergent on it and scrubbing it again with a pastry brush. The stains should disappear after two minutes or so of stroking the metal plate. 

You can do the exact thing with white vinegar. To avoid crusted-on food particles, you can use half a lemon.

Cut your lemon in half, season the juicy side with coarse sea salt, then spray your cheese shredder with it. It will be clean and delightfully fragrant in no time.

🟢 Let it Air Dry

Allowing your cheese grater to air dry is always a good idea. If you don’t have time to do so, pat it dry with a microfiber towel.

🟢 If Everything else Fails, Put it in the Dishwasher

Finally, if none of my methods worked, you could put your grater in the dishwasher to clean it. 

You can use dishwashing solutions and strong water pressure. It will assist release any cheese that has been trapped in the grating holes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to shred mozzarella slices?

A: Fresh mozzarella must be ripped or cut. However, low moisture mozzarella can be shredded, chopped, or sliced.

Q: What’s the deal with my mushy mozzarella?

A: When an excessive amount of rennet is applied, this might occur. Next time, use a little less rennet. It can also happen if the cheese is overworked or overdone. This will cause all of the butterfat to evaporate.

Q: What is the purpose of graters?

A: A grater, sometimes known as a shredder. To reach finely grind meals, you can use this tool.

Q: What do chefs use to shred cheese?

A: Most people connect box graters with cheese grating, and they are the best option for the majority of individuals.

Q: What features should I look for in a grater?

A: A good grater should be able to easily grind soft and hard foods with minimum waste.

Final Thoughts

The proper cheese grater may make or break your cheese. If the grater is of poor quality, it might potentially harm your cheese. The products mentioned above are among the best on the market. 

It is also vital to know what to look for in a cheese grater to make your investment worth it.

You can now easily grate your mozzarella cheese and enjoy your favorite pizza with it.

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